Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cold, But No Snow

At least not yet!  

We have been told for three or four days that there would be snow today... 
and indeed, there are some areas east of here that are seeing some right now. 
We are to get 1 to 3 inches at the most... nothing like what my classmates 
on the east coast have seen in the last few weeks, and were seeing today. 

My heart goes out to them! 

You see we even had some sun yesterday, on Valentine's Day. 

This is Lilly's "Don't Tread on Me" look. 

This is Jester's "Don't worry, I'm staying away from her" look. 

Geese were moving all around the sky. 

There was still a little sun at sunset, on my way home from church. 
I had stopped to turn the light out in the henhouse and make sure the water was 
full on the porch, because I knew there would be a demand for it. 

And came home to a lovely gift from Keith for Valentine's day, and a 
card from my cousin with a gift in it!  Wow! 

Here's a funny thing that happened... 

I had bought some small bacon-wrapped filet mignons on Tuesday for 
our dinner on Saturday.  I had planned the filets, a baked potato split 
between us, and some green beans. 

I duly prepared everything.  Keith sat his plate down on the counter in the kitchen to come tell me something in the tv room.  We heard a noise. 

When we went out there... Lilly was eating his steak. 


So... I split mine with him and we each had some. 

The sun was slipping away as I got home from church. 

We waited until almost noon to go out today, and I wish I would have taken a picture 
of the water fountain on the front porch.  There was bird poop all around it. 

You see... yesterday... I saw these: 

The Starling Scourge, with a crow on top. 

They were in a tree across from us in the wild area. 

When I got there this morning with the dogs, there was a ring of poop around the waterer. 

You can see it was MUCH colder today. No sweatshirt as outer wear, for sure. 

I filled it as full as I could before we left... it will be interesting to see how much is in it tomorrow morning. 

There are some of the starlings... I had the camera almost missing the water bowls. 
The funny thing is, they drank, but there was still plenty of feed out for the wildings. 
Last year, they would have eaten EVERY piece. 

I have Paiton and Jax tomorrow, since they are off school for 
President's day.  I warned their dad they will have to bundle up very well, 
since I need to go out and take care of the chickens. 

We'll do that as fast as we can. 

By the way, the heated dog bowl is working great for Rooster Cogburn. 

The sparrows like the suet too! 

As well as the woodpeckers! 

Let's hope the Bluebird of Happiness brings us back to clear, sunny skies! 


  1. It would be wonderful if that blue bird of happiness brought just a little warmth our way. It's a -9 this morning. Hope you have a great day with the grands.

  2. Freezing but no snow. The colors of the birds are beautiful
    Lily & Edward

  3. I am out of suet and feel bad about that. Keeping the feeder full though. A TON of starlings have taken over the barns and chicken coop. Way too much poop for me to be very happy about that :-/. Nice pictures! Stay warm :-).

  4. Efie got my steak one time and was dragging it down the counter...... I was not amused at his fat self!

    Yesterday I was off and it was suppose to be really cold and bad weather coming in overnight. It was around 60 right before lunch. After lunch it dropped into the 40's.

  5. Mary Ann,

    Lilly wanted a Valentine's stead too!!!!'s funny how our animals love to participate in celebrating a holiday by eating human food.

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. We have had another strange Winter fo sure!
    The amount of snow in the East is just crazy,
    I cannot imagine!

    Be safe when out and about.

    M : )


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