Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting Warmer All the Time

Well, we made it to 25 today... but... by tomorrow we should be 
back in the 40's or 50's!  This is a crazy winter. 

Here is a picture I've shared before of a terrible winter in the past. 
Every time I think how much I miss living in the country full time... I think of winters like this. 
Yes, that IS Beau, our pony, on the porch, and his friend Lilly, the mini-horse, at the bottom of the steps. 

They had a shelter.  Beau preferred the porch.  I would look sometimes and he 
would be standing at the door, looking in at me. 

When we were porch-settin'... before the deck was built... he would come up to the very edge,  
close his eyes, and listen to us talk. 

He was wonderful. 

Despite the fact that it snowed most of the day yesterday, 
we didn't get much snow.  
It's still very cold though, 25 degrees.  I thought long and 
hard about taking Jester out. 

One of the red tails was 
hunting over the pasture. 

Here's another look at the blue rooster.  He's a beauty. 

Yesterday, I let Jes step inside the coop for the first time.  
He sniffed around, eating poop, etc. like dogs do. 

Today, I told him he could come back in while I was in there. 
This ensued! 

Jes jumped back and the rooster went UP... and both ran off. 

I had to laugh. 

I poured a little bit of seed in the flat feeder, and it drew this female cardinal. 

This is what happens when I tell the dogs it's time get in the car and go... Jester does zoomies around me as we go to the car.  He is such a wonderful little guy! 

I confess I have not done my seed order yet, so I am going to buckle down tonight 
and try to get it finished. 

Have you all ordered seeds? 


  1. thoe two pics of jester have me laughing my butt off. the look on his face with the rooster is just too darn funny. what a character he is!

  2. That Jester is like a little clown!
    zoom, zoom!!

  3. Love that expression! I bet the rooster and the dog were both scared to death.

    Stay warm.

    1. They were so funny... one of them moved and they both jumped straight up in the air!

  4. Mary Ann, I don't know anything about nothing but I do know you should move back out there since you love it so much.

  5. I haven't ordered seeds in a long time, but I usually get a packet of flower seeds for those I send Valentine cards to and enclose them along with the card when I send then out. Just to think about anything growing right now uplifts my soul. I keep saying, Think Spring ! All this snow we have is quite overwhelming. You look outside and see nothing put piles and piles of snow and the yard is covered in about 3 feet of it where the snow blower has spewed over there too.

  6. hahaha, I love that last pic of Jes. Such a clown with a very expressive face.

    No, seed order done. I usually buy them from the old feed store in town or at the co-op. We really don't plant any thing other than the country veggies (peas, corn, okra, squash and tomatoes). Sometimes we plant some other stuff, but that's rare. I miss my MIL starting all our tomatoes. Man, those thing grew better than any plants we ever bought.

  7. We've had cold weather (supposed 11 outside earlier this morning). Although we've have several seemingly serious threats of snow over the past month, we've actually had less that 5 inches all total--according to last night's news. Love the photo of the horse on the porch!

  8. Mary Ann,

    The expression on Jester face with the chicken and running to the car is priceless!!!

    My seeds have been ordered and received. I am planting some in my greenhouse this weekend. And I've planted my onions in the ground.


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