Wednesday, February 25, 2015

55 at Noon!

I am feeling MUCH better today!  Thanks for all the well wishes! 

It was 55 degrees at noon today, can you believe it? 
If we aren't having the craziest winter. 

The break in the line causing the problem was found in the ground, near the old henhouse. 
I thought to tell my nephew and his boss that we had had to have someone do a repair on an electric line 2 years ago when we put the water pump in. 

The repair was done badly, and deteriorated.  The power for the barn (our shop) and the henspa comes from this old building. 

Brandon had it dug out in no time. 

So... a few hours work, and I was able to connect the base heater and the dog bowl heater 
in the henspa tonight.  I spread extra feed... just in case we really get hit during the night. 

This beautiful juvenile red tailed hawk was on a fence post as the dogs and I went home. 

As you can see, he is hurt, and has a wing problem. 
I pulled clear up even with him, and he could not fly away. 

I went home, and called Operation Wildlife.  
Pretty soon, their intake person called me back and told me that 
a volunteer would come from Olathe. 

In the meantime, Friend Jill offered to leave her office and come and help catch him.

By the time we got back out there, we could not find him, which was encouraging, because we thought he was able to fly a little. 

This is nesting season, and the juveniles are being run off by their own 
parents, and there are three big birds on this same road. 

So... we drove up and down the road, looking in the ditches.  We were prepared with blankets and a dog crate. 

Finally, we saw him... 

way in the middle of a big field, on a fencepost.  The field was driveable... 
but we realized if he had flown or managed to get clear over there, that he would get away from us if we approached him.  So... we left him, crossing our fingers that he would make it, and especially tonight in the bitter cold. 

Here's our little goat friend in his bale on the way home! 

We are all hunkered down tonight for the cold... I am so grateful to Brandon 
for restoring the electricity to the henspa.  Knowing that the birds have open water is reassuring to me. 

I just realized I hardly took any pictures today!  The dogs had a great run this 
morning in the good weather... sun... and by tonight, when we went back out to close the birds up... it was gray, suddenly began to blow, and the temps began to drop quickly. The dogs were glad to get in the car and come home. 

Prayers asked tonight for a good friend who will be undergoing a cat scan about which she is very worried... I know the prayer would help her! 

Stay warm, everyone! 


  1. How wonderful to hear about a 55 degree day. Gives me hope that sometime soon things may warm up here too. Glad you got your line fixed. Will be praying for your friends CAT scan today.

  2. I hope the hawk makes it.

    Good that the electricity turned out to be nothing major.

    Take care,

  3. we are about to plummet into sub zero temps again. good luck to your friend.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! The guys had a wonderful day to make the electrical repair. I know you're relieved to have power in the henspa again. Our temperature plunged earlier than predicted--late afternoon instead of night.

    Hope the wildlife person was able to find the hawk. He's very handsome with the additional white markings.

  5. Cat Scan was canceled till Friday due to the heavy snow and blowing.....I am so glad your electricity got fixed..ayyayya for Brandon.
    stella rose

  6. Mary Ann,

    Sending prayers for your friend.

    Stay warm my friend, temperatures are dropping again.
    I'm happy to hear Brandon was able to fix the electric problem.

  7. So glad you're feeling better. Keep warm!

  8. Yay, that Brandon fixed the electricity


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