Thursday, February 19, 2015

Into the Freezer

I know we shouldn't be complaining... we have had the mildest winter. 

That said, it's been below 20 degrees all day, and it is dropping right now. 

We have a strange snowstorm going across the metro area.... Keith and 
I set out for a doctor's appointment for him from which I was to drive home. 

We were almost there when I told him I didn't think I could do it... there 
was an almost-white out, and streets were getting bad... and I was going to 
have to negotiate two highways with a husband who had been 
anesthetized.  Thank heavens, he agreed... and went in to to 
talk to them and let them know he would have to re-schedule. 

By the time we got back to our house... there was only the barest bit of snow! 

Still, the news has just shown how bad 30 miles from here, where we were. 


There's a lot of action at the feeders these days... at the old house, and at the new. 

I'm going to have a better way to feed here next year. 

The dogs jumped out of the car and took off down into the pasture when we went out to do chores.  I told them to RUN as we were only going to be there long enough to do the waters and get going again. 

The little birds look so cold. 

This beautiful catbird drank long and hard from the warm water in the fortex. 

I figure if they are getting some water daily, it's better than none. 

There was actually a little water left in the warmed water... 

Look to the left side of the picture, to the left of the bluebird. 

This is why there was only a little water left. 

Even the starlings have to drink. 

The catbird is a cutie. 

Lilly was ready to go when I called her... she was cold.

And the speed demon comes 90 miles an hour when I call him to go. 

Look whom we saw on the way home! 

And don't forget

Gung Hay Fat Choy... 

Happy Chinese New Year, the 
Year of the Sheep! 


  1. I wouldn't mind having that bison in a freezer, if I HAD a freezer! lol

  2. Your such a good momma to all of Mother Natures creatures Mary Ann.. I know they are thankful to you.
    Sorry about your big storm... and having to cancel dr appts... I hope you get better weather soon.
    Its just too cold there

  3. That last photo looks like a painting. Doesn't it do a heart good to do good things for animals and just share in the joy of the simple things that make dogs happy. We are supposed to get on nice day tomorrow and then back into the 20s the rest of the month. ( March is not forecast to be all that great either but at least it is closer to spring)

  4. Glad that you were able to re-schedule the appt., and avoid hazardous road conditions.
    This has been a year for crazy weather, that's for sure.
    Love your pictures!

    Hang in there..... Spring will come again.


  5. A couple of years ago it snowed hard at our house and Jackson didn't get a thing. I could not get out of our driveway.

    Have a happy weekend.

  6. Mary Ann,

    I avoid driving any where when the weather is bad. I'm happy to hear both you and Keith rescheduled the appointment.
    Stay warm, and safe!

  7. Good morning~

    Winter has been CrAzY here with arctic temperatures. We have gotten a good amount of snow but it disappears fairly quickly. We have another storm coming in tomorrow morning with a possible 6 inches or more. Our meteorologist hasn't been too accurate so we will have to wait and see.

    Your pictures of the birds are lovely. I absolutely LOVE the pictures of your dogs, especially your Boston Terrier. Our youngest daughter has two and our oldest daughter has a pug and we have a pug and a puggle.

    I am glad you and Keith rescheduled his appointment. Better to be safe than sorry.


  8. Yikes what s fun day. Mom remembers that freezing weather
    Lily & Edward


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