Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catching Up on Pictures

Our weather has not been good these last few days... 
it's freezing out, and though we did not 
get much snow... we also are getting more on Saturday, and the 
temps continue miserable. 

At least today we have sun. 

Monday, President's Day, Paiton and Jax were off school, and stayed with me. 

They ran for the pasture as soon as we got there to do chores.  You see 
Paiton had put a dress on... it was about 18 degrees out! 

They had a good time throwing snow at each other 
while I ran back and forth doing the chores. 

Jax lost those front two teeth last night. 

We made cupcakes, and did thank you letters, and some other art work, and had a 
thoroughly good day. 

Jester is just not too sure about this snow thing. 

Lilly is totally unfazed. 

Yesterday morning was sunny, and I opened the side door of the 
hen house.  The hens immediately began dust-bathing in the straw in the sunbeam. 

They are starting to lay. 

I left the door open, and the light on, and loaded the dogs up and took them home.
Then I ran to Liberty to see my brother, who hurt himself on Sunday. 

After checking him, I started back across country, and it began to snow HARD, so hard it 
was hard to see. 

By the time I got to Leavenworth it stopped... then began again as I ran back out to 
shut the door and turn the light out!  Off and on, all afternoon. 

I was stunned to see that the fortex on the porch had not frozen solid last night. 
I refreshed it (after dumping) with warm water.  The heated water had 
plenty in it, too. 

I have now found two eggs in one of the nest boxes, on two different days. 
Silver has figured it out! 

I have found the others on the floor... and today, I got three! 

The best place to be today... in a sunbeam. 

And today marks one year to the date when we lost our 
brother Mike, on the left here.  Pete, on the right, and I are 
the only two left of the nuclear Peterson family.  He is 
unable to understand that Mike and Kathleen are 
I've quit explaining.  I'm just glad to have him there.  

Can't believe a year has gone by! 


  1. Were hugging your Petersen family Mary Ann,,, huggs and love.

  2. i just love how all the animals are finding the sunbeams and laying in them! we are getting so cold tonight that they have canceled school for tomorrow already. i can't remember the last time they canceled school this far in advance!

  3. It's good to enjoy the young ones, we'll see the ones who are gone sooner that we think.

  4. It is a joy to be able to do things with grandchildren. We have more new snow this morning and are once again below zero. It seems this winter is certainly having it's fling before it leaves us. 29 days now till Spring!

  5. Sorry to hear your brother hurt himself. I've always heard it's harder on the living.

    Those grands are just precious. I'm glad you got to spend some good time with them. Boy are they cute.

    It's brrrrrr cold here today. Suppose to be colder tomorrow.

  6. You had such a busy day...I love seeing it told in pictures. Your grands are so cute. I think those chickens are so happy at your place, they look so clean. It doesn't seem like a year ago that you lost Mike. You are a good sister.
    stella rose and momma
    p.s. thank you for helping calm my momma down last night.

  7. I imagine you had a busy day with the grands! It's so nice to see any sun in the winter--the hens obviously enjoyed it.

    Sometimes it is better if an elder relative doesn't understand their siblings are gone. Our mother seemed to give up after her sister died. She still had one brother living, but she cared the most for her sister.

  8. We have a little more time , so we came back to spend that time with you,,, and look at all your photos..
    Your world has changed so much,,, and as each day comes and goes,,, your love for everything around you and far away.. get more and more. You love to your family is so evident ,,, in all your photos,, and everything you say.


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