Monday, February 9, 2015

Random Shots

Yesterday, we had sun and 63 degrees... today...
gray, gray, gray and 43.  Whew. 

Hard to tell what kind of coat to wear.  Actually, today I threw on 
an old heavy sweatshirt-like top and didn't wear a coat while doing my chores. 

The ponds were gray, too. 

This is the sun... IT was gray!  It kept trying to come out but 
just couldn't quite do it. 

The dogs did spend some time in the pasture. 

Sis was a grouch... she had run Jester off something she had found, and she meant business... as you can see from her face.  I didn't walk down to see what it was. 

Here are my favorite little goats and pony, settled in eating in their barnyard.  I like 
what these owners do... they moved the pony and two of the big horses to the pasture, 
and then two big horses and the goats were in the barnyard...the a few days later, they switch them around again.  Now the pony and one big horse are in with the goats.  

Oh, how I love to drive by this old farmhouse on the way to the old place.   Isn't it just beautiful? There is a greenhouse room on the left... and an old barn behind it.  The people take such good care of it. (see the front door?) 

You can just barely see the top of the barn and the cupola from the road. 

Another camouflaged bird. 

I saw another on the top of a pole. 

It was the hawk from yesterday, the darker hawk. 

You can see how dark his back is. 

I am really, really happy with this picture... this is a hawk around the 
corner from the one above.  I got him just right. 

He was beautiful. 

And this rather grim looking guy is the one from the header above... the gray skies make it 
so hard to get pictures, and I had to play around with the color and saturation so you could even see his face.  However... I'm happy with how this one came out, we saw him on our way from our second trip to the old place today.  I have been turning on the overhead light and have gotten two eggs so far! 

However... we are dipping down Wednesday and Saturday, so I suspect egg production will halt again. 

There goes the little red bandit from the front porch... he is still drinking from the 
fortex, because I think it's easier than going clear over to the pond at Troy's.  
I don't mind... I love squirrels. 

I'm not sure who has laid the two eggs... but I'm glad! 


  1. Squirrels are fine until they start messing with
    my plants!

    Great pics again.

    M : )

  2. Mary Ann,

    Gorgeous pictures! I love this house, it's kept very well.
    You have an entire group of birds around your place, they must have nests not to far away.

  3. There are a lot of those houses like that with the gingerbread trim in our little bitty town. I love them.

    Lily looks like she's meaning business in that pic.

  4. You've made a grey day there just beautiful. How nice to be in the 60's. Our high was 23 yesterday.


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