Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Very Cold Thursday

What is going on with our winter this year?  
One day, 70, the next 25. 

It's hard on the constitution. 

These beautiful mosaics came here in the mail yesterday, 
they are from our friends Ramona and Ronny Davis in 
Mississippi.   Ramona makes these as a hobby. 

The garden one is going down by the door to the patio, where the garden is here. 

The towel holder is going in the downstairs bathroom... I wanted an excuse to take down the "Barrel of Monkeys" shower curtain that was left up here when we bought the house, and now I have it! 

They are beautiful, aren't they? 

Thank you, friends. 

This woodpecker was so happy to be eating the suet. 

And he flew off with a big beak-full. 

Look what I found in the henspa! 

One bird has laid for the past five days... now another has kicked in! 

I don't think it's any of these. 

The face-off is still going on.  

Rooster Cogburn will be living in the feed room for the duration. 

Of course, his water was frozen this morning... so... I bought him a 
heated dog water bowl to use... and then realized the only 
extension cords out there were 50 footers.  Tomorrow, I'll take one from here and get it plugged in. 
He had warm water today, and it was still open this afternoon, when the dogs and I got there. 

I put some warm water in his bowl... and tomorrow, he'll have a big bowl of 
water that won't freeze.  He also has a deep nest of straw and hay. 

A Blue Jay visited. 

And a little junco ruffled herself up to keep herself warm. 

The bluebirds were cold, too. 

As we were leaving, a cardinal came down. 

Geese are still visiting all the bean and corn fields around here. 

And I stopped to take their pictures on the way home. 

I did not take the dogs this morning, it was just too cold at 11 degrees. 

Three years ago today, Abby laid in a sunbeam at the old house.  How I miss her! 


  1. The animals probably can't figure out what's going on. It was 82 degrees here today. Nutty
    Lily & Edward

  2. Its crazy weather here too. Its amazing how all the animals in the wild ,,learn to adjust.
    Yes, we miss Abby too.

  3. 40 degrees has been our high but most it's been in the 20's. This morning we're at a minus 1. Like you and your Abby I love sun puddles too. How wonderful to have pictures to remember her by. Hope you all keep warm there.

  4. those tiles are wonderful! we are freezing here right now! awww...cute abby, i miss her too!

  5. I'm glad you can find a place for them Mary Ann. Barrel of Monkeys shower curtain.....funny.

    I hope Mrs. Trudy likes hers.

    have a wonderful weekend. am off on Monday.


  6. Mary Ann,

    Yes, it's so cold outside. Temperatures are suppose to go below the 20's the start of the new week with snow for us.

    I love the mosaic tiles your friend made,they're gorgeous!

    Be safe and warm my friend. We miss Abby too!


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