Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Snowy, Blowy Day

This picture, taken just at dusk tonight, pretty much sums 
up the whole day. 

That's the dining room light reflected in the back door. 

Lilly looks pretty forlorn, but actually, she was about to eat her dinner.  She likes to 
eat it on the back porch, even in the blowing snow. 

We didn't get that much accumulation, but it blew almost all day, 
and is miserably cold. 

This happy picture greeted me today when I got to the old place. 

Silver, at least, has figured out how to roost. 

I was as proud as a parent of her. 

I stopped at Orschelns on the way out there, and bought a heater base... you know, one of those things we SOLD IN THE SALES these last few months. 

However... that heater base will pay for itself this week, when we dip to zero degrees at night. 
It will keep the water drinkable and I won't have to worry about the birds all day. 

There is also a heat lamp on... and I suspect the birds will take advantage of it 

They are all moving around freely, now.  No eggs yet, but I didn't really expect them. 
On top of it, I don't know how to set the lights on a timer.  Still trying to figure that out. 
The light coming on early would stimulate the hens to lay. 

I looked out the window of the henhouse, and saw little birds under the old 
feeder.  I took some scratch out there and sprinkled it around (you can see it in the snow). 

Within five minutes, look who was out there! 

After I finished with the chickens, I ran down to Tongie and bought a 
five pound bag of sunflower seed to sprinkle out there. 

The little birds were all over the water standing in the drive... that will turn to ice tonight.  I'll be parking at the gate tomorrow, and walking across the yard. 

I didn't forget the birds here at home, either, and spread fresh seed when I got home... I had already shoveled the sidewalk off.  

However... since I took that picture, it has snowed for hours and the patio is covered now... I'll have to shovel in the morning again and spread more grain. 

As I looked out off and on, there were probably a hundred birds out there eating. 

My friend didn't realize it, but she has two roosters, a blue and a black. 

There has been no sparring between them... and neither has crowed.  Having had 
my sixteen roosters until a year ago... I was used to roosters crowing constantly. 

I spread feed in the straw and topped the bowl off... they are all set until 
I go out there tomorrow, and that won't be until the roads are cleared. 

Here is one thing that I don't miss... the patio we had poured two years ago was so slick last year that I had to walk down the east steps and clear around it every time I went out in the winter.  I did it again today, too, because falling is the thing that scares me the most.  

It's a wonderful patio... just not in the winter. 

Can you see the geese huddling against the bank on this pond at the end of our street?  They were the only geese on the pond this afternoon, and they were being blown against the shore. 

Today, Keith was going to take me to Wyandotte County Lake to take pictures of eagles... but the weather this weekend precluded all of that. 

"Why can't we go with you today, Mama????"

They were disappointed, but Jester does not need to be out in the cold and blowing winds. 

Everyone be safe! 

Happy February! 


  1. Rain here, so far, but that's supposed to change. Happy February to you, too!

  2. Mary Ann,

    The snow is pretty however, I'm happy we don't have any right now. Temperatures dropped to 17 degrees here.
    Your friends chickens seem to enjoy their new digs!!!
    It's hard for the pups to understand it's better inside for them right now with the weather.

  3. Happy February to you ! Snowy and windy here for sure. A major winter storm hit us this weekend. It's still snowing this morning too, but they say it is finally on it's way out.

  4. February is starting out with a bang here too. It's raining this morning, and will be 40* by lunch time...but then by milking time it's to get down to 20* and 25 mph winds. I think it might get close to the single digits over night. Brrrr...
    That heater base is a great idea for the waterer! Having electricity in the shed is a huge advantage. I'm sure the birds will be thanking you. Stay warm...and yes, be careful out there!

  5. So far, so good here. No snow and I'm glad.

  6. instead of the 8 inches of snow we were supposed to get, we got ice again...ugh! those chickens look happier already!

  7. Yikes it looks blustery cold
    Lily & Edward

  8. Yep that is what it looks like at our place also.
    stella rose

  9. We have rain,,, and lots of green,, and some sunshine today too!
    Can't wait to see photos from that Lake that you were planning on going to.
    Do the dogs like the fenced yard at your new house? Do they chase balls and stuff?


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