Saturday, August 30, 2014


Oh, I don't think this is how everyone wants to spend their Labor Day weekend. 

That, my friends, is a fourteen foot high weed next to the little henhouse, the red one. 

See the stalk?  Well... I cut them very close to the ground, otherwise they are trip hazards.  As in 
tripping and falling. 

Here I have cut a bunch and let them fall over the henhouse and the little white chick-grow-out hutch. 

I let them stay there, because there is a wasp nest in the henhouse, and I did not want to get them too 
worked up.  I'll pull them out tomorrow. 

See how close the lightening-downed tree in the pasture came to the fence of the henyard?

This is one of the bales of straw I put out for the ducks to break the wind last winter.  See how nicely it is deteriorating?  Well.. believe in straw bale gardening, friends.  I had intended to try it this year, 
but next year I am going to use just three bales as an experiment.  When you are finished growing 
in them, you can use them as compost. 

You can also see a stalk... they hurt, trust me. 
But... I only fell once, pulling on some vine-wrapped branches!

I worked in a circle clear around the henhouse... the one we closed up two years ago... 

Finally, when I got around the far side... light was coming back into the henyard that had been totally shaded. 

Where there was darkness.... light. 

(and where there is sadness, ever joy!) 

Keith kept me company while the pile grew.  He had made two trips to Home Depot because....

Nephew Brandon was out there at 5:30 this morning, and had made huge progress with the siding. 

We all took a break during the 100 degree temps of the last two weeks, but as you see, one side is nearly finished.  Brandon will finish the back and the other side next weekend, and possibly one night this week after work.  Jordan was helping him again, but Jordan has started college now at the University of St. Mary in Leavenworth, on a baseball scholarship! 

We have decided today to paint the siding with Behr's Chamois... and the trim will be 
cream-colored.... it has yet to be put up, of course.  The screens will go in then, too. 

We're getting closer, and that's one reason I am trying to get the animal yards in shape... so that when we ARE ready to go, it can be shown to people with animals. 

I think I have shown you this ancient limestone building on a farm near here before.  Sadly, it is falling now. 
The cracks you see have happened in the last month or two. 

 This is the side view.  

It must be one of the oldest structures in Leavenworth County. 

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the original house on the place. 

Two more days of weekend for Keith, and he said this morning that we are going to work tomorrow.  I'm all for it... every hour is an hour closer to getting the house rented. 

We have games tonight and tomorrow night, and on Monday, a game at 1 PM, so I am 
foregoing the Santa Cali Gon festival this year.  

Then the season ends on another wonderful summer of fun at the T Bones games. 

Can't wait to work in those weeds tomorrow! 

Keith will kill me for showing you this last picture... he uses the spare bedroom to dress in 
so he doesn't waken me every morning... and last night, we decided to sleep separately because of the boy dogs.  Keith slept in the spare bedroom, and Lilly stayed in there... 
Shiner was in the hallway with the baby gate... 
and Jester was with me.  

This is what happened this morning. 

Lilly is NOT happy about these visitors... and her nose is out of joint badly. 

Only one more night, Lil. 


  1. Your efforts there are really paying off. Nice quote about the light and joy! It seems to fit perfectly with your post. Your visitors are so cute, but I know you'll all sleep better when everyone is home where they belong. Hope you enjoy the two days left to this holiday weekend!

  2. Holy smokes- so much work to do!

  3. You really have a lot of irons in the fire :)

    Best of luck with all your projects.

  4. blogger ate my comment.
    That's some hot and tiring work.
    lol....Keith is gonna really kill you if he sees that pic on the internet.
    I love those bullies, cute grand dogs

  5. That shiner is one big dog!
    stella rose


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