Friday, August 8, 2014

Catching Up

We had a heck of a storm on Wednesday night, 
in fact a friend is coping with her power pole in her yard, knocked off kilter by the winds... and 
is having to have it reset by the power company and an electrician... at her cost! 

You can see the side yard was holding water again.  We're actually glad of that. 

The birds are loving the feeding station, and we're loving watching them. 

I don't like to leave buckets standing straight up... little animals can become trapped in them.  But I left the water bucket facing up the night before, and there was quite a bit in it.  Of course, a lot was probably run-off from the roof. 

This little guy was clinging to the screen in our bedroom yesterday, and looked in a long time. I actually shot about ten pictures.  All blurry!

My son and daughter in law were invited out to dinner by Amy's grandparents last night, so I ran 
over to watch the granddogs... er... the grandkids....


and Paiton

The kids got home at 7:30, and the football game went on immediately, 
and Jax settled in to watch it with his dad. 

I went to do errands very early this morning, and saw this on the porch of a neighbor's house... it's officially football season!!!

And lastly... we had excellent news yesterday afternoon... Dr. Scott called me and told me that 
Lilly's tumors are NON-cancerous!!!  He was sure they were, and I was steeling myself for the worst. 
He gave me there name, but I was so overwhelmed in the car I could not remember it. 
All we know is... we have our beautiful girl to enjoy for a few more years, and we are so glad. 
Her stitches come out Monday... and she will get back to normal. 

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and good thoughts these last five days... we appreciate them so much!


  1. yay for football but a much bigger yay for lilly! what a relief!!!

  2. Oh your grand dogs are so cute and so are your again cannot tell you how happy we are about sweet lily.
    stella rose

  3. Mom Kim here - oh that is just the most wonderful news about Lilly You just never know for sure until the biopsy results are in - when you notice a little bump then the worry begins. In a way you don'want the biopsy because you are afraid of the result, at least that's how it was with Shiloh a couple years ago, but in the end you know it has to be done that way.

    Yes, that rain was most welcome - don't think we got as much as you :( It is good to be with family - kids, grandkids and grandpups :)

  4. Oh, so wonderful to hear the good news for Lily and for you! (Love the grand dogs. ;-)

  5. Happy, happy, happy for you and Lilly!

  6. That is great news on the tumors. What a blessing ! Watching grand dogs and grand kids is a great occupation. I always love it when I get a chance.

  7. Woo for Lilly. I know that you both were very worried.

    It is football season again--Yea!

    The doga and the kids are so cute!!

    M :)

  8. So happy to hear Lilly is okay. Love the grand dogs and the grand kids too hehe.

  9. Rain and good news. You cup runneth over.

  10. Wow-- you really had a big storm!
    The little birdie was so cute looking in your house!
    Keith looks terrific,,, and such good news about Lilly!

  11. I am soooo relieved and happy for you and Lilly!

  12. Excellent news on Lilly! Doing a happy dance. --and Keith looks good in the picture too. :)

  13. I'm so glad to hear the great news about Lilly.

    The Grands are all cute. 2 and 4 leggers!


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