Monday, September 1, 2014

A Holiday Weekend

You know we had "guests" here for the holiday weekend. 

Granddogs Shiner 

And Jester. 

Someone's nose was very out of joint. 

And then, it was on to the T Bones. 

On Saturday night, there was a double-header, starting at 6 PM. 
We stayed for both games, and we WON both games. 

Sunday night, there was another game, since it was the last home stand.  Sunday games are 
usually played at 5:05 PM, this one started at 7.  Sunday's game was truncated by a 
very strong thunderstorm. 

We played the last inning today. 

And we won on a walk-off homer by T.J. Mittelstadt, one of our favorite players, and this was one of 
T.J.'s TWO walk off homers of the weekend! 

Then we had a break before the 100th game was played, the last of the 
season for the T Bones and the St. Paul Saints. 

Keith and I love to watch the string guy, who marks the diamond before the game.  This 
man is so very precise, and we love to watch him measure every thing.  I guess we are easily amused! 

Mascot Sizzle was every where on the field and in the stands and concourse... and of course, he is 
very popular with the kids and adults alike. 

Former Royals great Frank White (on the right) is finished his third season, 
but he ran for city councilman in KCMO this year, and we think this 
will be his last.  We'll be sorry to see him go, he is a class guy all the way, and the knowledge he has 
passed on to the young players is so valuable. 

One last national anthem, and we have always loved how the players are so respectful (it was just about to start here.)

First pitch of game 100. 

Last cherry lemonade of the 2014 season. 

The view from the outfield, when I walked around to get our 
"swag bag" for the season ticket holders in the seventh inning. 

And a light crowd today! 

At the end (AFTER WE WON) Matt Foulkes interviewed Vladimir Frias and 
T.J. Mittelstadt... 

And the team took a bow and waved their caps to the remaining crowd. 

And off they went for the end of another season of fun. 

And guess what?  Someone is still at Grampa and Gramma's house!


  1. Such a great way to wrap up summer!!

  2. I bet Lily is glad the weekend is over!
    stella rose

  3. My weekend visitors went home on Monday afternoon. Today I'm sweeping up the dog hair, but I'm sure I'll find more memories of my visitors. It's been awhile since I've had dogs here, but it was fun. Glad you made it to the last of your season with the Tbones.

  4. I bet that last picture really made Lily Ann mad!

  5. It's always fun to have play guests. Hope had some hot dogs at the game
    Lily & Edward

  6. Too funny about Lily and her nose!
    The looked fun as usual.

    M : )

  7. Jester on that couch,,,,,, so adorable!


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