Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Year is Flying Away

2014 is flying away from us, friends. 

It's nearly fall, less than 30 days now. 

Soon, Christmas will be just around the bend... 133 days! 

Here's Billy, this morning, the only male in the litter of English Pointers I 
have had the privilege of taking care of this summer... 
Billy won First in Show at his first puppy match last night! 

Today, he is enroute to Minnesota, where he will 
be boarding with his owner's sister while she moves
the kennel and her belongings to Michigan and her 
new job. 

I got to say goodbye this morning. 

Here's Billy and Shandy, the lemon-headed girl. 

We didn't keep them out in the hot sun for very long, believe me. 

Sandy wouldn't hold still for her picture. 

And little Austin... cone off her head, and cast off her leg!  She has to be kept separate and
quieter from the other puppies until her leg is completely healed.  

These sweet little puppies, their mother Uno... their cousin Mia... helped me to 
cope with the sudden loss of our beloved Abby at the end of May.  
How I'll miss them, but I hope one day to see them in the show ring at 
Westminster... I can say "I knew them when!". 

It is beastly hot here again today... 101 at one point when I went to do an errand... 
and can you believe this?  The ball fields at Basehor's "Field of Dreams" (it's real name!) were 
packed with a football tournament!  There were numerous tents set up on the sidelines, and 
I know that the parents and coaches had to be taking extra care in this intense heat. 

This is the corner by our front door.  It is horrid to cut... the big mower 
doesn't fit in very well, and the small mower doesn't work well, either. 
It is also full of toads, many toads. 
See those bushes on the side?  On the right side? 
They never recovered from the butchering they got before we moved in, they 
are all dead in the front bottom.  

We have an upcoming project we can't wait to show you.... it involves a
local nursery and some work to be done in this corner that 
will make this part of the yard beautiful, and much easier to care for. 

It will also fix this:  the steep terrace by the side patio... and the leaking into the basement when it rains. 
Work will start in mid-September. 

And now, I'm off to church so I can sleep in like all the other old folks tomorrow morning! 


  1. What a beautiful puppy. Good luck with your project. I love projects.

  2. Those are lovely puppies. I'm sure your new gardens will be beautiful.

  3. Mary Ann,, were so happy that you got to enjoy those pups, and that they helped your heart to heal.
    We cannot wait for the magic to start in your yard,
    Gosh-- the toads will need homes!

  4. I saw on the news last night, how hot it's been in your area...oh my! You have such a soft heart for animals...I'm sure the dogs with be missing you too!

  5. Those puppies had to have been such a great help to you. They would be a delight. It's not quite so hot here but approaching 90 for a few days now. I managed to get out to the fairgrounds, but only lasted a couple of hours. The heat tends to wilt me. On top of the heat I've got some kind of summertime cold so didn't try to go to church but stayed home so as not to annoy others with my coughing. Hope you got to sleep in and have a restful Sunday!

  6. Beautiful dogs. Mary Ann you look great!

    I'm glad they helped with your loss. Beastly is a fantastic way to describe this heat. Looking forward to seeing what ya'll are going to do.

  7. Very cute dogs. It's nice that they were there for you :)

    Sorry to hear about the heat you're having.

    Hoping this week will be a good one for you.

  8. Loved those puppy pictures. You have a beautiful corner there.


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