Friday, August 29, 2014

Our Visitors

She looks pretty calm here... but she's NOT. 

She hates this guy (looking pretty studly in his red harness) 

And as badly as Jester wants to play, she wants nothing to do with him. 
Jester just wants to have fun. 

He ran to see Emmit when he came up to the fence a few minutes ago, to see 
if Emmit would play... he would! 

But Jes is well-behaved, and streaked back to me. 

Everyone went potty, and came back in. 
Shiner, unfortunately, is in the hallway where we 
can keep him with the baby gate.  He pottied the second he came in the 
house this afternoon, he does not get to go many places, and 
he is freaked out at being away from home.  Lilly also hates him. 

He is better off in the cool, dark hallway. 

Jes is in the living room, and Lilly, here behind me at the desk. 
In a few minutes, I'm going to go out and cut grass for a while. 
We had some heavy clouds this morning, but it barely sprinkled.  I think the 
two boys will do better if I trim that grass in the back yard for them. 

Keith has gone to take siding out to the old house for Brandon to start hanging tomorrow. 
And yes... next week, we are going to start pushing to finish since the temps won't be as terrible. 

This is the weekend when we lose people in the lakes and on the roads, and I would hate to 
lose any of my friends.  Be safe out there, friends, and enjoy your last blast of summer
with family and friends! 


  1. Mom Kim here - no lakes for me and the only roads I'll see are the ones here in Topeka most likely - MAYBE to Winchester to visit family but that's about it - yep, regular old dullsville.

  2. Oh your grandkids are so enjoy the weekend also.
    stella rose

  3. It would be nice if they could all get along,,,, but things just usually do not turn out that way!
    They are all beautiful doggys!

  4. Cute visitors you have there. I have two grand dogs staying with me this weekend. I think they are enjoying the peace and quiet here. They are a couple of couch potatoes. Hope you have a happy and safe weekend too !

  5. What cuties. Of course we are liking the bulldog
    Lily & Edward

  6. Jes has the cutest expression on his face!


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