Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apples and Apples

I went to the old house today to pick apples. 

Here  is where the caveat comes in.  Do NOT let your apple trees become this burdened... pick off 
some of the apples.  This is a five year old tree, we did not let any apples ripen on it for the first 3 years. 
However... we have not lived there now for five months, and the poor tree was almost down to the ground. 

If you don't spray organically or non-organically... this is what you get. 

I had quite the cart full... and I wish I knew someone with pigs. 
My goats would never touch them, but pigs would. 

As it is, these are going on the compost heap, they are full of worm holes. 

These came home with me to be eaten, along with some green apples for a crisp tomorrow. 

The green tree looks great.  The apples on it look fine... most of them, but these are baking apples. 

Here is my other caveat... if there are just two of you... it does not make much sense to have these dwarf trees if you do not can or preserve. 

I know one of our pear trees did not set fruit this year, and tomorrow I'll look at the other.

This is a milkweed pod.  I want to bring some home to plant in our rain garden next year. 

They were covered with these little critters. 

I harvested my ear of corn!  I don't think the little one on the bottom is going to mature. 

I have not opened it yet.  

This. dog. should. be. ours. 

I'll explain more later. 

His name is Toto, by the way, and he's seven years old and weighs MAYBE five pounds dripping wet. 

Hallelujah, the tractor is fixed!  I know Troy is glad. 

And today was probably the last regular day I'll be exercising the puppies, their mama, Uno, pictured here... and Mia... the year old pup.  Valerie, my friend, and their owner, will be moving back home to Michigan in a few weeks, taking her whole kennel with her.  How I'll miss my fun times with these beautiful dogs. 
Uno is the best "fetcher" I have ever played with! 

Tomorrow I'll be working at the old place again... and hope to finish the painting on Thursday. 


  1. Those puppies are cuties!

    M : )

  2. Wouldn't the food pantry who used to get all your lovely eggs like some apples? That is an amazing harvest.

    I hope to hear good news about a new pup in your life:)

  3. I hope Toto gets to come live with you!
    Gosh- all those apples!
    Those puppys you helped care for- will never forget you

  4. Well, when there is a new family in your house, they might very well love having those apple trees :)
    Looking forward to hearing more about Toto .

  5. my dwarf apple was hit by frost and all of my apples fell off. i have a few growing down below. i can't wait to hear more about toto!

  6. Those little trees are very bountiful. Hope you enjoy some of your harvest. Sounds as if there is a new dog in the picture...will be waiting to hear. I know you'll be missing your friend when she moves. Those pups have made for a lot of entertainment for you. Hope you get lots of painting done and that the work at the old house soon comes to an end for you.

  7. Whoa, that's a loaded tree! We decided not to plant fruit trees because of all the maintenance, with spraying and pruning. I do love, though, to see them so full of fruit!

  8. Oh Stella Rose would go nuts at your house, I know I would always find her under the apple tree eating and eating.....you have a ton of apples. I think Lily would like Toto.

  9. The horses and deer would wipe those out here at our house.

    too bad you don't know any one who wants to make jelly

  10. Our goats love apples :)
    Our tree didn't produce this year :(
    Enjoy the Apple Crisp !!

  11. Since I make dried apples, applesauce and pie filling, I use my wormy apples, too, cutting out the bad spots. They need to be picked soon, but we are going to be gone next week. Sounds like I will be scrambling upon our return!

  12. Those apples look really good!
    Lily & Edward

  13. Hope Toto comes to stay at your house! Apples, apples. I'd be making applesauce, fried apples, apple crisp....my grandfather used to make apple cider from less than perfect apples.


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