Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Catching Up

Lil is always ready to go when I pick up my purse and keys.  Yesterday, I brought her with me. 
Keith made a trip to Home Depot again, and I went out to the old place with Lil. 

I began to cut saplings down near where Chris was stung on Saturday.  As I began to be buzzed by wasps, I moved over to the old henyard.  You might wonder why we are even bothering with the henyards and the goatyard... well... part of the allure of renting in the country is the ability to keep animals.  We want the animal yards to be ready. 

Keith also did a LOT of research on having a rental property, and we learned lots of things
we didn't know before, tax-wise, so that was time well spent on the computer. 

He is back at work today, the immediate soreness of his surgery is gone. 

Lil made a foray into the pasture... doesn't the Spehar's pond look beautiful???

These are part of the saplings and weeds by the garage and barn, where Chris was stung on 
Saturday.  I gingerly cut a bunch down, but then left when the wasps seemed to be stirred up. I had forgotten to take a can of wasp spray with me. 

So I switched to the old henyard.  You can JUST see the little white juvenile pen in the middle of the overgrowth.  It was a mess, I tell you. 

Now you can see in a little better, after I cut branches down off the tree on the right, and LOTS of big weeds.  Some were at least 12 feet tall.  I made a pile... a HUGE pile, out of view at the left. 

This tree has always been a pain... the little chicks would get under it, and the branches were so low down, we wouldn't be able to net them.  So... I cut all the low-lying branches off.  It still provides shade, but higher up. 

You see the sun is reaching through, finally. 

This is a view we are seeing daily now in Leavenworth County... hay on the move! 

I'm staying in today, as I cut the yard here at the new house last night, and it never went 
below 80 all night... so I'll work around here, today.  We have one of our last games tonight, too, and as we talked this morning... the first in really hot weather this summer. 

C'mon Fall!


  1. Its much hotter than it's been here for a while. Glad you are staying in where it's cooler today.

  2. Hotter here in CT as well... but the summer has been a very mild one, perfect temps, really.. just not enough rain.

  3. we are suppose to have heat indexes by 110 this's so hot here right now

    looking good at the old place. glad Keith is doing well.

  4. The high temps have hit here, too. Dry!!!

    Lots of progress.

  5. The pond really does look nice. Smart one that Keith to do that research.


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