Monday, August 11, 2014

Lilly and the Vet

Lilly tried to become one with my thigh on Saturday morning 
at the vet's office. 
Her wrap on her leg had slipped, and was down around her foot, and I ran 
her down there to get her re-wrapped. 

There was a fill-in vet that morning, and he was no nonsense about lifting Lil 
right onto the table and said "We don't need no stupid muzzle" or something to that 
effect (laugh) and it worked. 
I did not get his name, but he was a whiz. 

Her look clearly says
"Get me out of here, mom!"

A somewhat blurry picture of the leg. 

Rhonda is one of Dr. Tom and Dr. Scott's vet techs, and let me tell you... 
Lilly likes her. 

So... this morning, we went to get the stitches out, but 
as soon as Dr. cott unwrapped her... he decided they needed to stay in 
for a while longer.  There were some definite growls, and a muzzle had to be 
used.  However, help is coming soon... we will go back down on 
Thursday and have all the stitches on face and leg out then. 

Here is a green tomato on the plant on our patio here, after the rain yesterday. 

The caladiums have rewarded us over and over. 

I like the green as well as the red. 

Leaves are really falling now. 

And Lil is still able to go to the park. 

The supermoon. 

I went out at 2 AM to look for the Perseid meteors, but saw none.  I'm going to try again tonight! 

This last picture was taken by my friend Georgie, Tweedle's mommy... 
PLEASE click on it to enlargen it, and you will get a big surprise! 

Thank you, Georgie and Tweedles!


  1. that pic of lily at the vet could be a poster for how much dogs hate the vet. it is perfect!

  2. Oh, she is a sweet dog, that Lily.

    Beautiful pictures too.

  3. I saw the beautiful moon. Saw lightning dance but only a few drops of rain.

  4. Mary Ann, you take the best photos! Every photo you take looks like a blue ribbon winner to me! Such beautiful flowers!
    Oh Lilly- soon you will be feeling sooo much better! We can really tell that the vet tech really likes Lilly!
    Lilly is sooo pretty!
    Your moon and sky photo is amazing!

  5. You did just fine at that Doc-tors. Hope your leg is healing sweetie
    Lily & Edward

  6. Thank you so much for hosting! Beautiful room as always! Thank you for sharing!
    your Garden for Summer

  7. I've not seen the moon, it's been cloudy here and raining. I'd never make it up till 2 am to see it anyway. Glad the stitches will soon be out and hopefully no more trips to the vet for awhile then. Your flowers are lovely and looked refreshed with the rain drops.

  8. We could not see the supermoon, it's been storming the past 2 nights.

    I always had to muzzle Country since her 1st puppy shots. She hated the vet and growled the minute she saw him. I do believe she would have eaten him up.

  9. Your pictures are great, poor lily, I know she will be so glad when she gets her stitches out and she is done at the vet!!! I am glad she still gets to go on her walks though, I know that makes her feel much better! Your flower pictures are so pretty.
    stella rose

  10. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures of Lily, your garden, and the super moon.


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