Monday, August 25, 2014

Livin' in the Heat

Our sky, early this morning.  We had thunder and lightening all night, but no rain. 
The thunder was low rumbles... and the lightening flashed and flashed. 

I've been going downstairs and outside every two hours to change the water in the water fortex.  The doves and sparrows appreciate it so much.  

Keith has gotten me a lovely new wooden feeder, with slots for suet... and he is 
going to mount it on a wooden 4 x 4.  If you biggify this picture and look under the feeder, 
you will see that this swinging plastic feeder wastes TONS of seed.  Yes, the birds are 
eating it, but it won't all get eaten. 

Unless we have another horrible winter. 

I took this through the screen when I came back in from filling the water two hours ago. 
That's Lilly, on her back, out in the sun. 

Two minutes later, she was like this. 
It's 100 degrees out! 

I gave her five minutes, and called her back in the house. 

Folks, without making you think I am asking for well wishes... today is my 
64th birthday. 

Keith gave me a day of beauty at a spa in Leavenworth. 
Two years ago, I would never, ever have taken time to do this, take four hours for myself. 
I was always too busy with the animals, with the gardens, and trying to keep 
everyone alive in the heat or cold. 

I am looking forward to taking four hours out for a massage, a facial, a manicure and pedicure... pure bliss! 
Thank you, Sweetheart! 

There are so many things I still haven't done in my life, but so very many things I am grateful to God for having done, or experienced, or for the people in my life, friends and family, who have 
made me so happy. 

For those of you who wished me well on Facebook... thank you so very much! 

We are having a quiet evening at home... it's way too hot to go anywhere. 
Maybe by Wednesday, our heat will break and some rains will come. 
How wonderful that will be! 

I'm still praying today for all the people of the world to get along together... 
recent national events have made us so very sad... and that's my birthday wish this year. 

Every few minutes, a hummingbird goes by the window here, near where the computer is. 
I'll end today's post with a little video of the hummingbirds I took yesterday. 


  1. Mary Ann,, what a wonderful video!!!! You did it!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! Enjoy your spa day!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like Keith found the right
    gift. Enjoy!

    M : )

  4. What a thoughtful gift from your hubby! I'm so glad you are at a place in life when you can finally ENJOY it. ;-)

  5. Happy belated birthday Mary Ann! A spa day sounds wonderful -- and I hope we get your birthday wish of peace.

  6. happy birthday mary ann! i wish you some cool weather and rain!

  7. Happy birthday! Enjoy your present.

  8. You are starting to get a lot of hummers. We only have two ever. Happy Happy day Mary Ann, go and enjoy that spa....stella rose

  9. Sending Happy, Happy birthday wishes!


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