Monday, August 4, 2014

Lilly Ann

Well, our girl had a hard day today. 

Here comes our girl with vet tech Nikki down the hall 
at Bethel Animal Hospital a little while ago. 

And here.... sorry for the grossness of it all... is one of the 
tumors that was removed.  It is being sent for culture to a lab, and 
we may possibly have the results by Thursday.  Then again, it may be 
The doctor was honest with me, and said to cross fingers and toes and

He removed one under her eye... and left another in the crease of her eyelid, 
it was just too close to the orb. 

She was so glad to get home... have a drink... and have a little food.  She hadn't had anything all day. 

The bad one was taken off her hind leg.  

Folks, let me tell you... good care for your dogs and cats is not cheap... but this is 
our last girl, and we are so very attached to her. 

So... now we wait. 

All your prayers were SO appreciated... I can't tell you how much. 


  1. Oh, dear.
    Sending wishes for Lilly.
    Hope that everything turns out well, and that she is feeling better soon.

    Of course you cherish her; our four legged friends are really just an extension of our family :)


  2. We're all pulling for you, sweet Lilly.

  3. I've been watching all day for your post, I'm glad she came through her surgery well. That is a nasty looking tumor, but the old ones get some weird bumps and lumps, I am hoping it's no more than that.

  4. poor lily...i hope it all turns out to be okay. i just hate it when out babies have problems. at least you can get her to the vet. i can no longer get teddy to go in the car. she just won't do it.

  5. So glad Lilly is home now and resting. She will feel better tomorrow.
    We have been and will continue to say prayers..
    The lumps and bumps and stuff our babies get -- need to go away and never come back!

  6. My fur babies get the same care as my kids. They are members of our family. I hate to see one of the fur babies hurting. Hope Lily is back to her normal self soon. Love the pictures of her hunting the mole in your yard. hehe

  7. Glad Miss Lil is hone and eating, hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon. We're sending hugs & wishes for good results.

  8. Poor girl...I hope she recovers well and that the results are good! You guys have had such a time with your need some good news this time!

  9. Hope Lilly will be feeling better soon. Praying for good results from the tests on the tumor.

  10. Mom Kim here - I missed your last post, ran out of time and had to leave before I could read it. I am so sorry you are going through this - sending prayers that the results will be good and so glad to see Miss Lilly home where she belongs. Shiloh and Shasta will be sending their Beagle aroooooooooos - Beagle speak for POTP - hope Miss Lilly gets better soon.

  11. Oh, Mary Ann, this is not fair -- worries about Lilly so soon after losing Abbie. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  12. I'm hoping that the results are good and your Lilly Ann will soon be good as new. Care is expensive and our pets become our family.

  13. Keep your hopes up. I had a wonderful dog who had a number of tumors removed, one of them malignant, and he lived for another eight years. I hope Lily can do the same. All best wishes.

  14. You know you have many prayers for me. A girl I work with just asked me how Country was doing.... I guess she forgot I told her she was gone. At 18, we must have taken very good care of her to have such a long life. I know you take the best care of your critters too.

  15. Sending lots of hugs to you. It's always good to be home
    Lily & Edward

  16. Awe - saying prayers for your beautiful dog.


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