Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Midwest Balloon Festival

Despite the crazy way they routed people onto the grounds of the NASCAR track at 
Kansas City, Kansas.... we had a good view of baloons rising in the air on our way into 
the Midwest Balloon Festival. 

This balloon was actually tethered... and was taking people up and down. 

See that "11" sign???  Thank heavens I noticed it. 

It was so odd being up so very close to these giant balloons. 

But the festival had many other things... lots of different things to eat... lots of people selling things... and a kids zone, as well.  We did not even walk around the whole grounds... my friend Valerie and I. 

Pretty soon, a whole bunch of balloons began inflating. 

We were both in awe of them!

Soon, we saw lots of different kinds of balloons. 

And at dusk, the balloons began to "glow". 

As we were walking out, we had Valerie's first-ever funnel cake... we had both had barbecue for our dinner... but we wanted a dessert.  Valerie enjoyed it very much!

We also listened to three numbers by Southern Vixen, a female trio who were great! 

Yes, they had a music stage here, too. 

Now... telling on ourselves... we could not find Valerie's van, and I finally remember we were somewhere near the "11" sign.  Thank heavens!  


  1. Aren't they fun! We went several years ago
    when it was in Olathe. We enjoyed the "glow"
    a lot.
    Glad you saw the 11.

    M : )

  2. What a beautiful sight. There are so many different types of balloon, it must have been a fantastic experience.

  3. Pretty impressive.
    I think everyone loves hot air balloons :)

  4. No thanks on the going up and down part, but looking at them is awesome.

  5. we used to have them here. they flew over my house and were awesome. i wish they would bring it back.


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