Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bits and Pieces on Wednesday

Miss "yesterday's post was all about me"  when we got home from 
our walk last night. 

A last look at the gorgeous Mia, who won two classes at the 
AKC show last weekend.  

They will all be leaving on Friday. 

The Birdbath That Fell on Austin. 

You notice it is not on its' plinth. 
It's staying on the ground, it's too heavy to be in a yard where kids will be playing. 
We are grateful to Valerie for it... and for the six or seven planters she also gave us!

I spent some time with Brother Pete this morning... 
and I need to say here that all his clothes from his previous 
nursing home disappeared when he went in the hospital. 

I am slowly getting him new clothes, so dropped off a bunch this morning

Now his shoes are gone. 

I ran in the Michael's up by where Pete's nursing home is to get a puffy paint pen 
to mark the clothes better... so this is a gratuitous fall foliage picture. 
Yes, things found their way into my basket! 

I took a different exit from the highway coming home, and finally found a road I KNEW connected to 7 highway so I could go to the grocery on the way home.  They were working on the road, and here let me 
say that we have never lived anywhere where the roads are taken care of like they are here in Leavenworth County.  I stopped to talk to two of the workers (way behind this) and we had a nice visit. 

The countryside over there is gorgeous, too... the problem there is that there is nowhere to pull off and take pictures. 

Keith, one of these MUST come home for our porch  and I'll put a battery-operated candle in it!

That's an inspirational planting of angelonia at the nursing home.  
Love it! 

Last night's sunset...

And this morning.  I prayed we would get rain... and there ARE some chances... but 
it is full on sun right now. 

That's it for today... Lilly and I have a destiny at the park! 


  1. I wanted to tell you that your house looks so nice, I can tell you have been working on it a lot! I like that pumpkin also, one reason is it is rather strange looking....where was that at? Pete is looking better I think. We got some rain, and I think more is in our forecast, hope you got your walk in. Those babies sure have grown.
    stella rose's momma

  2. Beautiful pictures, Mary Ann. I love a gorgeous sunset picture. How frustrating about your brother's clothes and shoes. I hope the puffy marker works to help him keep his clothes. laurie

  3. Nursing homes do seem to have a bad rep for missing clothing. I had an uncle in a home for several years and my aunt would take his clothing home and bring back clean things for him to wear each day because so many of his things came up missing. Of course she lived nearby and went to see him several times each day. Not everyone can do that. Hope you enjoy your day at the park. It's to be a cooler day here.

  4. Good morning~

    I am sorry you have had a problem with your brother's clothes coming up missing. Nursing homes don't seem to have good reputations anymore. We had some rain here last week and this past week has been nothing but beautiful temperatures and sunny skies.

    Praying you have a wonderful day!


  5. oh good grief, what is the deal with his clothes being missing. That's sad that they cannot keep up with his things.

    I know you are going to miss that beautiful girl. I can see why she won 2 classes.

    Love the bird bath. even if it is sitting on the ground.

  6. Sounds like you're keeping plenty busy.
    Sorry to hear about Pete's clothes going missing. Hope that you get it all sorted out at the new place .

    Have a great long weekend :)

  7. That Michaels is addicting and has to much good stuff! The storm sky is scary
    Lily & Edward

  8. A mighty big puppy and very beautiful
    I hope you get some rain,,, we need some too,,,
    You take care of business Mary Ann,, thats for sure! New clothes for Pete-- he looks very good!

  9. A great post full of color and adventure. Surely you must have gotten some rain by now. You'd think you would at least get some runoff from Nebraska!


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