Friday, August 15, 2014

High Humidity!

Pitiful, huh?  Remember when I cleaned it out and put straw in there?  To prevent weeds???


Part of the corner where I started.  It used to be that the 
weeds would come right out... but not these. 

I took Chris into the old henyard, and we could hardly get in the gate.  We couldn't even try to go in the little henyard. 

We think that the tree may have fallen on the fence, but we did not take time to walk around on the pasture side to see if it had. 

Tomorrow when we go out, I'll walk down to the pasture and take a look.  We need to get the gate operational again, and we need to cut down the saplings you see in this picture. 

Trust me... Chris has figured out how to use the big cutters.  That's a TREE he's working on, and he got almost all of it out. 

You can see that we have our work cut out for us. 

You can see that we have created many piles that will have to be hauled away.  Sometimes I wish we had left the tractor and cart out there... I could have loaded this little by little and hauled it down to the brush pile in the pasture... but I am not sure what we are going to do with all of it.
I have hauled larger branches down, and that's tree at the end of all those piles on the right of the picture above. 

We have probably ten saplings to cut down tomorrow, and we'll surely haul them down to the brush pile by hand.  We do expect storms tonight.. but so far, we have had only a light rain.  
Every little bit of moisture is welcome to help me pull those darn weeds.  
Christopher is going to weed eat the flower bed as I stand by him tomorrow... to try to get a start on it... then I'll just plug away. 

I could not get into the henspa yard... but look how it has grown up!  

We are working tomorrow, in between the raindrops. 

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  1. Just make one huge pile near by and let it dry. Then set a match to it. The grass will grow back in no time. We have several burn piles around the house. Too much to haul in and out of the gates and get to the pasture all the time.


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