Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Good Summer

All around us, in field after field, the corn looks fabulous. 

Ditto the soybeans... there are hundreds of acres in soybeans in Leavenworth County. 
The weather has been very, very good to the farmers this year, after two years of crops totally burning up. 

My Walmart petunias did GREAT this year... they have spilled over their planters, 
and they smell so good!  Only now are they starting to show some wear. 

I'll try to coordinate them a little better next year, so that the white is in the front on both. 

And I know everyone is sick of looking at these planters, but gosh... they have exceeded expectations. 

And then there's THIS! 

This is our lone volunteer corn cob. 

Didn't get pollinated, did it???
Still.. it was an interesting experiment! 

With the abundance of sweet corn coming in around here, 
there is no need to grow our own... so we will just enjoy nature's bounty. 


  1. sorry but your corn cob made me laugh. we are getting wonderful corn here too. there is such an abundance of everything this year. the rain has been good to farmers. i saw the first red and yellow leaves today. it is happening!!!

  2. "Everything is beautiful- in its own way"

  3. Mary Ann,

    I love your planters. The farmers around you must be happy with beautiful looking fields of corn and soy beans.
    Sorry to hear about your corn. Corn hasn't done well here either.

  4. It's the same here. The fields are full of corn and soybeans. I've enjoyed some good corn on the cob too. I had to laugh at your little experiment. Well it was worth a try. Glad the planters did better than the corn did. They are beautiful. Hope you have a Happy Thursday!

  5. I love seeing your planters. They are so happy!

    I need to get some fresh corn to put in the freezer. We didn't grow any this year. The coons like it when we do. They ride the stalks down and have a feast.

  6. I think all your planters are so have a gift for making them that way!
    stella rose


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