Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Quick Saturday Post

I'm planning on going to the Midwest Balloon Fest tonight with my friend Valerie, 
so I am posting early with some pictures I took earlier today and yesterday. 

I worked out at the old place for about four hours...

The staples are almost all up. 

UGH.  I found an easier way to do it... I was just sitting on the floor and scooching along. 
I took our smallest chair, an outdoor picnic chair... and moved it along, bending over and pulling the staples as I went.  MUCH easier on the back and legs. 

I got almost every single one out. 

As you can see, Keith has been very busy. 

Here's my nephew Brandon, and his helper, Jordan. 

They built a 6 x 8 deck at the back door.  By Wednesday, it will 
have a railing around it, and steps down to the right in this picture. 
It is designed for safety, so that if we have renters, they have a safe egress... or... new owners. 

Next weekend, we'll start siding. 

Meanwhile... I was inside... pulling staples for over four hours. 

Next step is to wash the floors...after vacuuming... then we will Kilz them with oil-based Kilz, to seal them. 
Then, I'll clean again, laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom, and we will get the carpet people in. 
Oh... Keith is going to have six new vinyl windows put in, too.  We have two doors to replace. (interior). 

(Those floors!  We figure the carpet had been down 30 years) 

Someone waited patiently for me. 

She had to visit the vet early this morning, her vet wrap had 
slipped and was pinching her foot.  Her wound looks clean and 
healing, and the stitches will come out on Monday.  Yes, I have a picture, 
but I have to send it from my phone, so I'll post it tomorrow. 

And this mess, friends, is what happened Wednesday in the storm at the old place.  Kathy and Troy 
suffered huge tree damage, and they are convinced a microburst came through, as it did 
four years ago at our house, taking out another huge tree and the power pole for the whole east side of 198th street, in our yard.  

I am going to get better pictures of this tomorrow, it is a a very big tree, and now taking up a lot of 
the pasture.  Troy wants to cut it up for firewood. 

And now, I'm going to get cleaned up and go to the Midwest Balloon Fest with friend Valerie... without the puppies!  I hope to take pictures of the beautiful balloons, and will share them with you tomorrow. 

Everyone have a safe Saturday night! 


  1. everything is coming long so well! have fun at the balloon festival!

  2. Enjoy the balloon fest, I'm sure it will be fun.

    Making lots of progress on the old place. It's nice that you've had good help.
    Those staples are a huge pain to get out, aren't they?!!!
    Rest your back, and bones ***smile**.

  3. You and Keith, your nephew Brandon, and his helper, Jordan sure are hard workers! It likes Keith has turned into a carpenter!
    Oh new windows will be nice too!
    Lots of work is being done,, and sure your bodys are aching

  4. How do you find the energy?!!... I hope you have a great time at the balloon fest!

  5. Thinks are shaping up nicely!


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