Sunday, August 3, 2014


Two weeks ago (or so) : 

Outside the master bedroom at the old house, growing through the 
unfinished deck. 

Same day, which happened to be July 11, I checked. 


Other end of the same deck. 

A set of steps will be made to go down to the yard.  This deck was originally going to be a 
three seasons room and for various reasons, was not finished.  We have to finish the deck, and make 
it safe before we can rent the house out.  We will be replacing siding next weekend, and then 
painting the exterior.  We have found a wonderful young man with carpentry skills 
and he is doing a great job. 

Keith built the railing portion last night, in order to show what he wanted done on the rest of the 

I picked a bunch of small tomatoes off the vines at the old place, and I'm going to run them to my son's house today. 

This... jungle... is the south flower bed.  Yes, it's giving me a major stomach ache. 
However, we have had almost three hours of gentle rain this morning (Sunday) and 
I hope to get out there this week and start pulling and digging out the weeds. 
This is what happens when no one is living at a place. 

It's nice to come home to neatness and order... and beauty. 

So... we are making progress, little by little, and are looking at 
being finished by hopefully the third week of August, so we can 
have the real estate company come out and take a look at the place. 

The young man who is helping us with the deck there will also be 
coming to help us with the deck HERE when we rebuild it... YAYYYY. 

Does it hurt me to see my beloved place like this? 
Yes... very much so. 

I am trying to learn to let go, though. 

Tomorrow, Lilly Ann goes to the vet early in the morning to have a 
medical procedure done.  We are very worried about this... I don't want to talk about it until we know more... but I am very worried.  Very. 

Prayers... if you think of it today... requested, please. 


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  2. It's getting there slowly but surely
    Lily & Edward

  3. You got them. Our pets are more than animals.

    You realize you can't do two places all the time.. Although both are looking great. The new family will tend your gardens and you can rest...soon.

  4. Prayers have been going to all of you Mary Ann, and yes to Lilly. Lilly is very precious and God loves her too.
    So much progress is going on at the old place! I cannot believe it, and what a good job!! So wonderful you found someone who is so skilled at carpentry! It looks good to see progress..!
    And yes Mary Ann,, we know it hurts your heart to see all the weeds growing,, but we also know it hurts your heart to realize you cannot stay there. Soon a new family will be there-- and they will be building new memories for their lives- just like the memorys that are stored in your heart

  5. Will keep Lily, you and the vet in our prayers.

  6. The deck looks great.

    I hope all goes well with Lilly, I'll be thinking of you.

  7. The deck looks great, that's a lot of progress! Glad Keith was feeling better and was able to start the railings.

    We're sending 24 paws of luck for Miss Lil. :)

  8. I'm praying all goes well for your Lilly. That deck looks wonderful and makes such a difference. I'm hoping all will soon be done so you can concentrate on taking care of just one place. Sounds like it won't be long now at all.

  9. Prayers sent for the beautiful Lilly Ann.

    I'm glad ya'll found somebody to help out.

  10. oh i sure hope lily will be okay!? isn't it great to find a good worker!

  11. Looks like good progress is being made. I know it is tough to
    let go.
    Good Luck with Lilly. Prayers for all.

    I will have a new post up sometime later today.

    M :)

  12. Your deck is coming along nicely....prayers prayers prayers...hugs
    stella rose

  13. You work do hard. I do hope it can be done and rented before winter so you can rest. I hope you test your mind too. Sorry to hear about Lilly!


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