Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow in May

Click on this... biggify it, and you will see the snowflakes coming down.  After a day in the 70's and two in the 80's, it is not sticking... so far.  The weatherman has just told us at six PM that we will have some sticking during the night, until 1 PM tomorrow. 
It's 36 degrees right now, at 6:36 PM. 

This little girl is obviously glad to be back in under the light.  She was taking a dust bath in her food dish when I went out to collect eggs.  I turned the light out early tonight... and left everyone in to warm up and make it through the wet night. 

Standing water in the very green pasture. 
Taken from the old henyard.  

I emptied and refilled the duck pond early this morning, at about 38 degrees.  As you see, it did not stop Aflac and Cinnamon for one second.  

The Carhartt is back out and on Keith.  Just when we think it's time to put away the winter clothing. 

(Doesn't everyone have an old computer desk and an old TV on their decks?  We have been trying to make a run to the transfer station (dump) for a month... and something always comes up to prevent us.  We planned again for this week, while Keith was off work.  The best laid plans.....) 

The marsh we love that is two miles away is filling back up.  It was for sale... but now, the sign is gone.  I don't think it sold, I think it went off the market.  There is an arable field to it's left, but both of these flood regularly in times of high water.  We absolutely would love to own this piece of property.  It is a haven for the wildings. 

This just about sums up how the henyards on the old side looked today.  Ugh.  I almost went down in the slick mud. 

I am glad we are getting more moisture, because our ponds and lakes around here, and the land itself, still need it after the last two year's lack of rain, but it does get a little daunting to see snow in May. 

That's it for a very wet day at Calamity Acres! 


  1. Is this a record for May? It will be wonderful to put the winter coats up. But all your critters look like they'll be safe. You just watch that slippery mud!

  2. At least you are getting new snow and not fighting with old snow like we are!
    It's good to see some green. I almost forget what it looks like. :-}

  3. Please stay safe & dry! Love the pics.

  4. Snow?? I hope it doesn't show its ugly head here. We are enjoying Spring, finally!

  5. Oh my now ... good thing that little babes chick has a comfy heat light ... brrr.
    Warm Wishes

  6. Oh, my goodness. Stay warm and on high ground.

  7. What a day for you guys! With so many weather changes- nothing gets boring does it?
    We are getting our first few days of sunny weather- then it will most likey change back to rain.

  8. 14 degrees here this morning, but it warmed up nicely.
    I can't believe how green your grass it!
    And I'm loving the ducks. So cute.

  9. What's with the weather this spring?! This is the second post I read in a row tonight, that has had snow this week! I hope it warms up soon for you!

  10. I am loving visiting all the way from Australia. I can't imagine what is like having snow in Spring or any other season for that matter.Here on the farm we are getting unseasonably hot days as we move into Autumn. I am covering my broccoli with shade cloth so that they don't get too hot!
    Love the photo of the snow flakes.

  11. UNBELIEVABLE! I have lived in the Midwest all
    my life and have not experienced snow in May!
    Nothing like having multiple seasons in one

    M :)

  12. This is some crazy, crazy weather. Thank goodness we didn't wake up to 3 inches of snow on the ground overnight or I would have lost it entirely. But at least it's going to warm back up tomorrow and Sunday. Stay warm, my friend!

  13. That's crazy. I've heard of it snowing here in July, but I haven't (thankfully) seen it. I'm glad you're getting the moisture, though. We are pretty dry here.

  14. Crazy !!!!!! I hope your spring arrives soon !

  15. Nawh, I just have a giagantic TV set in my front yard! The Redneck drug it home and it took him and my brother to pick it up and get it in the house. The people said they were getting a new one. The liars just needed somebody to haul it off is all. It would not work. I told him to take it back and put it in their carport.... Of course, he would not and it's in the front yard and has been there waiting to go to recycle.....

    If he doesn't do it soon.....there might be dire consequences!

  16. Ah Ha! You must be getting our weather!! That BFLWM has done it again! Snow for the hills, down to 100m. I dont know whats going on at all!! So how is everybody? Read the post, and sympathise, As I write, its raining here, the temp is a balmy 3deg C , Ah, such luxury! (not)

  17. I didn't get outside soon enough to get snow photos this time. (Maybe I was trying to avoid it?!) Anyway, it didn't last long. We are thankful for the moisture! Have a good weekend!

  18. And we are unusually dry and warm for this time of year. I think the weather is having hormonal issues!

  19. Weather for ducks that's for sure. I keep trying to put my winter clothes away also.


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