Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Visit To The Baby Goats

It was this kind of day, humid out, and even the Intrepid Lil was in the house where the air conditioner was on. 

As was old Ranger. 

And Aunt Abs, who was knocked out after feeding the babies with Keith.

Then, we were Descended Upon. 

Try not to notice Abby going potty on the left.  Paiton did step right into it. 
It was not pretty. 

The two little guys were butting them, every time they tried to sit on the tub to pet, the little guys would push them off.  The kids thought it was hilarious. 

Abby.  Sorry. 

Then we went and got the egg bucket, and decided to look for eggs.  Guess whom we saw? 

Uh huh.  Paiton climbed up my leg. 

Then we decided to go water the garden. 

It started out pretty well, considering that sprayer is hard to use for little hands.  Jax got the hang of it. 

Then he got the hang of spraying Paiton. 

But she got a chance to get even! 

We enjoyed some strawberry frozen treats, too, so it was a satisfying visit! 

I want to tell you what a blessing it has been to have Kody and Kaycee, the two little goats.  They have kept me busy and purposed for these last ten days.  Keith is enjoying watching them, and right now, they are out there, one on the overturned barrel and one on the overturned tub, playing with each other.  If we go out on the porch to talk, we hear a chorus of  "Maaaaaaa" in their cute little voices.  I just glanced out the window again, and Kody is laying there on the barrel looking at the world, and Kaycee, on the tub, as happy as can be.  The sun is shining, and the clouds moving, though we are expecting storms by Sunday. 
I can hear Kathy next door mowing her lawn, and we have had our dinner and the dishes are ready to do, and I'm ready for a shower.  It's so very satisfying. 

Michaele of Sprout N'Wings, we are so grateful to you for the sweet little kids! 
We're grateful for our own little grands, too, who bring such joy to our lives and to their parents. 

And that's it for a Happy Thursday at Calamity Acres. 


  1. Oh such a happy day at Calamity Acres!

  2. They're all so sweet, the kids (both human and goats), and the precious dog children.

  3. Grandkids and goatkids, best therapy in the world! :-)

  4. Goats are just the best! Our goat is taking ages to have her babies, I can't wait.

  5. A lot of love going on at your place...EEEK on the snake

  6. I'll bet the Grands really loved those goat kids! They're so entertaining and sweet!

  7. Isn't it the truth though that those babies no matter what form, human or animal, do make your day brighter. I love it when my grandchildren visit. Every moment is filled with something new and wonderful when they are around. I loved seeing your pictures. They surly did bring some smiles to my face.

  8. I'm glad they little ones are bringing you much joy and peace. I think Jax might have had trouble on purpose....hehehe

    Happy weekend.

  9. Thankyou for your lovely comment abut Tinkie.
    Your babies are a delight. They must be such fun and areal pleasure to have around. How long will they stay so cute....or do I just keep watching!
    Glad everyone loved playing with them.
    Cheers Gillian

  10. Kids and kids, what a wonderful combination!! :)


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