Friday, May 31, 2013

A Stormy Morning

We had two waves of storms come through here over night, after two days of rain. 
The creeks here in Leavenworth County are now in flood stage, and our own Stranger Creek, a mile from our house, is out of it's banks.  Keith has taken the camera with him to the Emergency Operations Center to take pictures while he is out this morning.  (He works in Emergency Management for the State). 

I'm going to post this morning, and again later. 

Hundreds of worms were drowning in the driveway this morning when I came out to feed the babies. 
I went back in to put on some plastic gloves (I admit I don't like to handle them) and picked up a bunch for the ducks. 

The low spot in the driveway was like a pool. 

This is why God made muck boots.  This, my friends, is the feed room side of the old henhouse.  It has a base of about 4 inches of broken down straw and dirt.  Butch lives here during the daytimes, though he roosts with the other birds at night now.  The inside door was open last night, and the rain blew in through the screen door.  It is now a room of MUCK!  It smelled almost as bad as the outside. 

I'm going to have to shovel some of it out, but not right now... it looks like it will rain again. 

Remind me why I'm keeping chickens again? 

Mr. T was in the waterer.  I gave him fifteen minutes to move... and then I picked him up and set him down on the floor.  He appeared to be full of mice this morning. 

And off he went.  Another one of the three snakes had gone behind there earlier. 

We've had the ground collapse in several places in the little henyard.  Keith thinks it is animal trails that have collapsed in the sodden conditions. 

On the other hand, some of the potatoes are beginning to flower! 

I had all perennials planted yesterday except for four.  I am almost afraid to go look at them, I left them in a flat on a garden bed.  A flat on the deck was full to the top this morning, so we got over 2 inches of rain. 

The little guys continue to do better... and survived that terrible stormy night well in their little barn. 
I am keeping them in again today, as their yard is a wet mess. 

Another post later today! 


  1. Yes, we also had those storms, just got done having another, and another power outage...i try not to be a big baby about it cos i remember all the people in Oklahoma that have no power and no homes, i cannot believe you picked up that snake....omPUG!!!!!!!!!
    Stella Rose's Mom
    did Molly the Wally get hold of you?

  2. I'm not as thrilled about those snakes, I wouldn't have picked that thing up for anything.
    I think I would have had the shovel to kill the thing.

    Stay safe with all the weather coming around today.

  3. I find it funny that you will pick up a snake but you don't like to touch the worms! It sounds like the snakes are multiplying, do you think they put the word out that it was 'safe' around your place?

  4. Wow, so much rain, here two days of it, enough......Wow, guess the snake is your friend eating all the mice.....Happy Weekend, Francine.

  5. Lots of rain! Hope the skies clear soon for you, a little sunshine and everything will grow wonderfully. Love the fact that you are chilled about your snake visitor, he too is a part of the web of life I guess.

  6. LOL!! I agree with DFW!! I'm glad the ducks got to enjoy a few of those worms. What a mess where the rain blew in. I hope you get to dry out a bit soon!

  7. It sounds like you won't have to worry about drought this year. Glad all is well there even if very wet.

  8. So glad the boys are just getting better and better and I bet everyone enjoyed those worms!

  9. You are sweet to get the worms for those quackers!


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