Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Full Saturday and It's Not Over Yet!

English lavender, planted in the hoophouse last year, and blooming again this year.  It smells so very good! 

On a whim this morning, I decided to let the half-grown chicks out.  

There are two pullets and a cockerel... the white bird is a pullet, and the brown facing her, a pullet. 

And here they are, bathing in the dirt of the little henyard, as right as can be.  No one was bothering them. 

As we have a ballgame tonight, it will be interesting to see where they put themselves away; we close the popholes when we get home.  I'll take the big flashlight with us and we'll find them in the dark, don't worry.  My guess is they will go back in their little white house. 

Spehar's steers were watching as I cut the grass.  I wish we could put a gate in so they could eat our pasture, too... I hate to waste it.  If I run into the Spehars, I'm going to suggest it. 

The "calves" have sure grown up, and there are still four of the eight originals over there. 

The babies had some visitors when son Jim and Paiton and Jax and daughter in law Amy came by. 

Keith calls our pasture chairs "The Goat Playground".

Pretty soon, Jax asked if we could go find the big snake.  I told him "Sure!".  I'm all for kids learning about snakes. 

The babies LOVED the ramps. 

And sure enough, Mr. T. obliged Jax, who was thrilled. 

The other snake was in there too, the two tails disappeared just as we walked in. 
I had seen Mr. T earlier, so knew he was hunting (and had taken the inside eggs).  Jax was able to get two eggs out of the rabbit cage outside.  Whew! 

We are off to the ballgame in an hour, for a night of relaxation. 

I hope that everyone is having a safe Memorial Day Weekend! 


  1. What a lovely day! I enjoyed the pictures so much. Nothing a goat likes better than a ramp, anything to climb :) Enjoy your game!

  2. I love Lavender. I have several failed attempts at growing it. I bought some again this year hoping for better luck.

  3. Glad your weekend is getting better. Those snakes still scare the heck out of me. Glad you are teaching your GKids what NOT to be afraid of. I bought my 1st lavender plants this year. They are still growing but no blooms.

  4. Have fun at the ball game!
    We have spanish laveneder- we love your lavender!
    We love all your photos!

  5. What a joy it must be to have so many to share those little goats with. I bet they like the company too. It's been a chilly weekend so far but at least the sun has been out. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. I love seeing those human babies playing with the goat babies. Mary Ann, there are some people like your family who just rejoice and enjoy the simple things of life--flowers growing, animals growing, grandchildren growing, spring coming--and then there are others, as the men in your previous post who seem to only enjoy cruelty. I pray that the first always outnumber the last. It is hard to understand, isn't it?

  7. Both sets of kids are adorable!
    I planted lavender this year too. It probably won't survive our winter, but I had a moment of weakness.

  8. We have a gate that connects our pasture to the neighbors. But the hubby would have a cow tail fit if his cows came thru it cause it's our hayfield now :)

    But that is a very good idea if you want them to eat your grass.


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