Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exhausted Tonight

I confess to you all that I have not slept well the last three nights. 
The events of this month have been very hard on our family, and it is very hard to keep going daily as if nothing horrid had happened. 

Today was the day for the little guys neutering.  I duly had them at Dr. Jeannie's office at 7:50 this morning, visited with the vet tech for a few minutes, and then off to the dentist. 
Imagine my surprise when the dentist told me that a tooth that had been bothering me had to come out... and today.  I left there for the oral surgeon's office, where I waited for 3 hours to be worked in. 

By the time I got home from getting my pain medication, etc., it was after 1 PM.  I stayed dressed, thinking I would have to go get the little guys at 3... and no phone call.  At 4:30 I finally called to find out they had not been done yet, but were next.  They had not eaten since 8 last night!  

I'm afraid I did not react well, and tore over there in the car (at 45 miles an hour, don't worry).  I calmed down as I drove, I worked with a ton of vets at Bayer and I know things go wrong. 
It turned out there were a lot of spay/neuters today, and they were last.  

I held a crying Kody for 30 minutes, until he fell sleep, wrapped in a towel in my arms.  Then Kaycee came out, and the vet tech held him.  He could not wake up, and the vet finally gave him some more drug to make him come to.  He was able to stand finally, and we put him in the crate and brought them home.  Kathy was kind enough to come over so we could just carry the crate into the barn and set it down, and not have to handle them. 

I went out at 7:30, Kody ate a little... Kaycee, nothing, and he does not look good.  I am going back out at 8:30 to see how he is doing, and I am praying up a storm. 

My friend Jill, who is an experienced vet tech, is on call if I need advice. 

I did get a little done in the yard after doing chores.  

Yee ha! 

A tomato on a Baker Creek "Gypsy" plant, the first. 

I counted and seven plants are now flowering. 

German Butterball potatoes gone wild

This is the mystery plant.  Does anyone recognize it?  The green stuff laying there in the box is just ... stuff. 


Nugget, Abandoner of Babies 

(they're doing fine) 

Now I'm going to go check on the babies again. 
Then I'm going to batten down the hatches, as more bad weather is to come tonight or tomorrow. 


  1. Oh Mary Ann, I am praying for better news about little Kaycee!

  2. I guess I'm not the only one who prays for animals. I just prayed for yours!

  3. I hope your little guys recover quickly and fully! May you rest well tonight!

  4. What a stressful month you've had! I hope baby Kaycee feels much better soon. I'm sorry they had to wait so long at the vet's.

  5. I'll stop and pray for Kaycee, Mary Ann. Those poor little babies. And what a day you're had with oral surgery on top of your husband not being there to help you. You need some good days, I know. Both of you. Sending love and prayers your way,

  6. MaryAnn,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the day you had today. I'm sending prayers your way for you and the animals. God Bless, and be careful with this weather.

  7. Gosh

    I am sending prayers your way too.

  8. Thoughts and prayers are with your pets. Keep us updated on the situation.

  9. I'm so sorry about your terrible day. I hope Kaycee is going to be ok. Please let us know.

  10. No wonder your jaw hurt. I hope you and the kids are feeling much better today!

  11. Keep us posted and we'll keep you and your kids in our prayers.

  12. Hope the little guys are doing better today!

  13. What a day you have had Mary Ann, we are praying hard this morning that you are feeling better, and that your little four legged babies are up tearing around with Abby....please keep us posted!!
    stella rose

  14. Sending good thoughts to you and the little ones! You deserve a better time of things xx


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