Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Major Keith Yoder, Command and General Staff School Graduation

I know you've seen this picture before, but I'm so proud of my Honey for his 24 years of service to our country... guys like him have made it the land of the free, and home of the brave. 

Here's another one who did: 

My Dad, Ensign Joe Peterson, World War II. 

Offered a promotion to Commander at the end of the war, he chose to come home to Kansas City, Kansas , from the South Pacific.  He came back to my mom and Mike and Pete.... and settled into a career as an electrician, though he had a degree.  Five years later, along came me, and then two years after, my little sister Kathleen, both adopted.  

Thanks for your service, Daddy! 

Thanks to all who have served our country so bravely for so long... hug a vet today, if you know one! 


  1. Beautiful post, Blessings Francine.

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  3. You've been blessed with two (or more) good men in your life. I assume your father has passed, so tell your hubby that I said thanks for his service. Have a great day!

  4. Thank you to your guys that served!!
    Today is a special day to remember those who served even though we should remember them EVERYDAY!!

  5. Thank your family for serving.

    My dad served the entirety of World War II. I have two uncles and a nephew who have served.

    Thank all who served.

  6. You have a lot to be proud of there at your house today! Happy Memorial Day!

  7. I know a vet very hubby! This is a wonderful post, Mary Ann, and your hubby and dad both look so handsome. I'm glad they all returned safely home, I'm thankful for their service. So many of our heroes gave their all for our country and I'm thankful for their sacrifice. God bless each one of them!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  8. Great big THANKS to all
    who have served and those
    who continue to serve today.

    M :)

  9. Very heartwarming, Mary Ann. I enjoyed the photos of 2 handsome men!

  10. Thanks to their service to all of us.

    I always love all those portraits they use to do of them. Great photo.

  11. What a lovely tribute to both of them. And you should be proud. I'm very proud of my husband's service too. Great photos (there's just something about a man in uniform)! I don't think I knew you were an adoptee. Me too. laurie

  12. Such handsome men, thank you for sharing your tribute with us!
    stella rose


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