Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Unbelieveable Cuteness

I promise this blog won't go completely over to the goats, but goodness... the cuteness factor has really multiplied around here. 

They are sleeping UNDER the hay feeder... they have made a little tunnel back there and you can't even see them.  Here's Kaycee stretching as he comes out to my call. 

Here's my cousin Mary Frances holding Kody.  Mary Frances is NOT a farm girl, but she was totally enchanted by the babies.  Kody is a snuggler, too. 
One thing Michaele said is that these goats will always be friendly with us if they are treated friendly. 

Our good Dr. Jeannie Hauser came out while Mary was there, and it was so good to see her again, as she took care of our llamas, pony and minis.  She proclaimed the little boys happy and healthy, and advised me on feed, etc. 
They have a date to be wethered by Dr. Jeannie at her office in about a month. 

You see we had quite a bit of fog this morning. 
It is clouding up now after a very sunny day and 80 degrees.  
Yes, more rain is coming, and I am really getting worried about the garden.
I am going to go out tomorrow, rain or shine, and get the beds worked over again, and then I think I'm going to plant some of the tomatoes. 

The balsam and zinnias need to be in the ground, too.  I know just where they are going. 

The south perennial bed is a mess, though, today... the worst weeds I have ever seen, so I'll wait until they are wait and then go out and dig them out.  Ugh. 


Kody is very adventurous and tastes everything.  

He can fit just through the opening you see behind them to the right of the gate, and proved it by following Keith this afternoon as Keith went in the house.  
I'll be covering that with chicken wire for a while, but under the gate is a problem, too... so they are not out without supervision. 

I'm off to cut some more grass... so that's it for today from Calamity Acres. 


  1. Cute and cuddly! What more can you ask for?

  2. Love the new additions, and AWESOME photo bomb!

  3. You're killing me here. They are just too cute!

  4. It looks like they've made themselves at home already!

  5. Such a nice little cave they have found for themselves : )

  6. Omigosh! They are so darn cute!!

  7. They are cute and I'd never tire of seeing pictures of them. The rain has cause a lot of problems for folks wanting to plant. Here in Ohio though it was beautiful and sunny for the past week. I just returned home today from my son's house and got to enjoy a tiny bit of the beautiful weather. The rain clouds are following me though and by Friday we'll have rain again. I've one more day to enjoy the sunshine before then.

  8. Little cuties full of adventure

  9. Hi we are here,,,,,
    stopping to say hello and look at the cute babys.

  10. Adorable...simply adorable little kids! Yes, they will get out ANYWHERE they can, as we have found out over the past two summers with Jenna's 4-H goats. They are sneaky! :)

  11. Thanks for this post. Our goat Honey is due in the next week and I am so looking forward to having cute little kids around again. It happens every year, but there is something about kidding time that is just so special that I never tire of it.
    To think in a week I will have some little cuties too!!

  12. They certainly are adjusting to your lovin'!!! Michaele is right about if they are treated friendly they will always be friendly-- isn't that the truth about us all !?!?

  13. The do steal the show don't they? I can see how you would want them following you around and just playing with them all day.

  14. They look so huggable.

    Cute, cute, cute....

  15. It's okay with me if the goats take over, they are cute little guys! :)
    Yep, goats will find any and every escape route possible.

  16. Help, Mary Ann, please? I remember back a few months ago you wrote about being hacked and that you noticed because you hadn't received any emails. I haven't received any today and wonder if that's a possibility. What did you do about it to fix it?

    Thanks so much, and those little ones are so sweet. I know you're loving every moment of it.


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