Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Snake Pictures, Nathan's Graduation and Kody

Here's a very satisfied Kody, laying in the sun yesterday.  You see that the grass has exploded this last week. 

He loves to lay outside on his barrel and look around at everything, while Kaycee prefers laying inside. 

The boys go for their operation next Wednesday, the 29th.  Keith will be out of town, so I'll be transporting them to Dr. Jeannie's office, where she will... um.... make them wethers. 

I'll have to listen to their pitiful crying all the way there, as they can't eat breakfast that day, or anything but water after 10 PM. 

They are beginning to get their little horns, and as I find disbudding distasteful, and they are just pets, we're letting their horns grow. 

Yesterday, I posted a picture that showed Mr. T by the nest box in the closet of the big henhouse.  I pointed out that I had gotten the white egg out of that box and moved it.  I put it with two brown eggs in the nursing cage, where several hens still like to lay. 

So look what I found a few hours later as I was checking things before going to Nathan's promotion ceremony? 

There goes my egg. 

Not one, but two snakes...

Mr. T from the bottom. 

Those are mouse holes in the drywall, and the snakes travel around in them.  At some point, we are pulling all that drywall down. 


Don't worry, this isn't becoming a snake blog. 

Here's Nate in the gym (left) before his promotion ceremony.  Those are two of his friends with him... and we got them all to hold still long enough to snap a couple of pictures.  We enjoyed a Chinese food dinner before going over to the school... and the ceremony lasted about an hour.  Most of the kids were dressed to the nines, as there was a dance afterwards at the city hall... but Nate chose not to go. 
It was fun to see all the girls in their "prom" type dresses.  I don't remember wearing anything like that at 14!

I had pictures of the kids... but I have not set the date right on the new camera yet (my good one is going back for repair)... and I can't figure out where they are filed!   Sad! 

I am staying home today, thank heaven, as the last four days have seen enough action around here for a month! 


  1. Hope you do have a more restful day today then. I'm like you and appreciate the quiet ones. Your grandson is a handsome fellow. I remember my graduation from Junior High and it was held in the school gym. Everything seems to be on a grander scale than it used to be.

  2. Kody's adorable. Hope the neuters go well! Yikes to the snake! And a big congrats to Nathan!

  3. We love Kody on top of the planter that is sooo cute....take more of him and less of the crappy ole snake.......congrad's to the grandson
    stella rose

  4. Great pictures.

    I think I would permanently relocate those reptiles.

  5. With all your grand kids around and the trouble that little goats can find, you might want to rethink the disbudding. We used to feel the same way about de-horning calves, it seems so barbaric, but boy did we come to regret not having it done. We nearly lost a yearling steer once when he broke his horn off and got an infection. When they break off, it leaves a hole that goes straight into the brain cavity. It can't drain anywhere else and is very difficult to treat. I have known several pet goats who died this way, especially the whethers as they play so hard. If you have the vet do it while they are sedated, it is not bad. Doing it that way, they never seem to even notice it happened.

    Just a suggestion:)

  6. Definitely would recommend the vet disbudding - one of mine barely survived when he lost a horn - tried to reattach- half on half off- they play hard! Called him a unicorn after that! But would definitely recommend !
    Enjoy a day "relaxing" at home!! Haha!
    Fondly, Rain

  7. Our sheep have horns and we don't have any trouble. Don't really know anything about goats though, but I've sure seen a lot of pygmies with horns and have never heard anything bad. Those snakes...good for the mice...but yikes!

  8. Those snakes need to be mouse snakes - not egg snakes!! They'd have a longer life (in my book).

  9. I would not be able to get photos of the snakes my hands would be shaking too much...kids sure grow up fast....congrats to your grandson....love those baby goats...so glad I get to watch them grow up...I heard so much about them before they were born...

  10. Eeek! I wouldn't have lasted long enough to snap photos of the snakes!!!

    Congrats to Nate - exciting time for him!


  11. When we had cattle, we used to put a cheerio-sized rubber band around the bulls' scrotums within their first week and the "parts" involved just dried up and fell off. I think the tool you use to put on the band was called an "Elastrater." Also, you used to be able to get a chemical that you could put on their horn buds, before the horns broke the surface, and the horns would quit growing. It involved some sort of chemical burn, I think, but they didn't seem overly bothered by it.

  12. Congratulations to Nate!

    My, Mr. T is a big guy!

  13. Yeah, the snake would be relocated ;)
    I have never heard of taking a goat to a vet for surgery for castration.
    Good luck with everything.

  14. I know we didn't wear anything like that at 14....

    Congrats to him!!!!

  15. I have had to put up with snakes MUCH more than I like to also. But this one really gives me the heebie jeebies! I bet Kaycee gets a little hotter in the sun than Kody does. I will be wethering Cocoa's boys tomorrow. I band them. Next worse thing to budding. Congratulations to Nate! Fine looking boy.

    1. They both love to play ... especially if they have Auntie Abby or one of us to play with. We love em!


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