Monday, May 6, 2013

A Happy Monday

Lots of things to be happy about today! 

These guys are having fun in the little barn.  It's still too cold to go out for them, and tomorrow, our good Dr. Jeannie is coming to check them over and advise us.   As you can see, they were having fun playing.  They have hay and also there is a warming light still on, hanging from the middle of the barn. 

There is plastic on the door to keep the wind from coming in, but soon, in a few days, it should be nice enough for them to go out a little. 

I went out to check on them after they went out this morning, and they were asleep under the chair we sit in to watch them, in a little heap, burrowed into the straw.  

We are so grateful for them, and enchanted with them! 

Here we go again! 

Trying to harden off again... and I'm of the mind at this point to plant the balsam in the trough you see sitting behind the plants.  It would be nice to have some on the porch, but I originally meant this trough for herbs.  Maybe it'll have some balsam, too. 

It's 54 degrees out this morning, but, hopefully, we are going to have high 70's all week long. 

Here are some other things I transplanted on Saturday.  Echinacea "Magic Box" 

(from the net) 

Agastache "Cana" and Agastache "Raspberry Daquiri"... going bananas. 

Agastache "Cana" 

Agastache "Raspberrry Daquiri"
(pictures from Thompson and Morgan) 

I hope to draw lots of butterflies and hummingbirds this year. 

And this, Prunella "Freelander Blue".  (sorry for the small pic) 

I have not started perennials before, and while some are growing more heartily than the others, I am satisfied with all of them except the strawberry, "Woodland".  Only two tiny plants germinated... and never grew on.  

One last picture of goat cuteness: 

My gosh.  Why. Did. We. Wait. So. Long?????

That's it for a very cheerful Monday from Calamity Acres! 

Did I mention we have goats????


  1. Congratulations on the little ones. Goats really are wonderful creatures!

  2. Wish we lived closer cos we would share some of our perennials with you! Your babies are so ooooo cute!
    stella rose

  3. A lady had a goat and some fuzzy headed chickens at the Co-Op trade day on Saturday. I asked the hubby "wanna goat"....he said "we have wild goats already".....that's what he calls the deer.

  4. those goats are too cute....hoping you warm up...

  5. I love the goats !!!!! Have a wonderful afternoon !

  6. Every day would be a happy one with those two around. How adorable they are!

  7. I'm so happy for you & the goats. Maybe a little jealous too.

  8. Everywhere we drive now, in the country, I see goats and tell R.H. "I love goats, I want goats!" No, he says. We're too old. I'll just have to enjoy them here and at My Forest Haven. But I am so in love with them.

    How do you use balsam? Is it an herb?

  9. You'll appreciate them all the more for the waiting. ;-)

  10. So cute!!! If you need a goat babysitter, I am here. :-)

  11. Those are the cutest goats I have ever seen.
    Your plants and flowers look so nice.
    I think maybe I need a couple of goats too. :)
    Have a great week!

  12. The babies are adorable!!!
    Your garden is going to be amazing.

  13. Those kids are just the cutest things I've ever seen, been trying to persuade the OH that we need some for ages.... maybe if I wait long enough we'll get some too :) Enjoy!


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