Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gardening and Goats

I planted more stuff today, and in an unusual container, one which we discussed moving around the yard.  In the end, I left it where it has sat the last year, since we don't have horses anymore. 
This trough was always a pain to fill and a pain to clean, and I was glad when I could quit using it, finally. 

Not going to tell you what's in it... it's going to be a surprise for you, and for Keith. 

I planted the same seeds in the garden, too. 

I have to pat myself on the back... see the marker?  I've used them all season. 

At least four of the tomatoes are flowering now.  Yayyyy!  I can almost taste them. 

The lettuce bed is going bonkers, and the birds are getting as much as we are.  I'm taking a big bag to my friend Jill tomorrow. 

I cleaned the henspa out and re-bedded it with fresh straw... and everyone was very happy. 

Including everyone outside, because I put fresh straw down there, too.  In the fall I am going to have GREAT compost. 

These guys continue to crack us up.  I spoke with Carol Abramovitz tonight, the lady whose goats I looked at in April.  Her doe that she thought was due May 1st was actually due tomorrow... and I am going to go over and look at those babies, too.  She asked me how many times a day I was feeding these two here, and I told her "three or four"... she gasped.  I just added it up... they are getting fed six times, and have access to fresh hay, a tiny amount of feed, goat minerals, and fresh water.   I'll reassure her when I see her Saturday or Sunday. 

They played for a long time tonight with Aunt Abby, who got worn out. 

I swear she thinks they are dogs. 

Abby proves here that she still has the moves!

And there went my seed packet! 


  1. You have a wonderful garden already. We have mud!
    We have one of those horse tanks too, and we planted strawberrys in it.

  2. Haha, I love that snortling Abby! Too cute!

  3. It's good that Abby has some little buddies to play with.

  4. It must have taken quite a bit of dirt to fill up that tub. It'll be interesting to see what comes up. Your lettuces look wonderful and it's great to see you have blooms now on the tomatoes. I'm thinking it's good exercise for Abby to play with the goats. She probably thinks you got them just for her. Hope you have a fantastic Friday. It's rained and is much cooler here at only 43 degrees this morning.

  5. That lettuce bed looks great. I have a little bit in a oblong pot on our patio that is still hanging in there, but with the heat that's supposed to be around after this weekend, I'm sure it will bolt. Still in love with the goats! Abby is too funny.

  6. I'm glad to see Abby active! Good exercise Abs!!!!

    We have several troughs that had started leaking that are now planters. One has the dratted running raspberry in it. That thing had gone wild and hit the ground. I'll have plenty of new plants to transplant next year.

  7. Your gardens look great. Not to mention your hens and goats and the dog is great.
    All of your photos just give me motivation.


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