Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

My mother, Mary Trehey Peterson.  Born in 1914, she was a stunner, huh, and a true Irish Rose.  

Keith's mom, Trudy Boenk Yoder, from sturdy Dutch stock, practical and smart, with her tiny granddaughter Brynn Lamb. 

Where would we be without our mothers? 

I'll tell you... nowhere. 

Pity those who don't have a strong mother to guide their feet... for their path is hard and stony. 

We were blessed by God to have our mothers, and it stood us in good stead this week. 

We thank everyone for all their prayers, we felt them around us as we gathered to celebrate Brandon's life.  

Those of you who left comments, we appreciate each and every one, and I can tell you... I would not have posted today, except that Keith begged me to, he was so thankful to read all your kind words. 

Our hearts go out to you for your friendship and prayers. 

I hope the mothers among you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about ours.. it was good, don't worry.  Spent here at home, where we are so happy and love so well. 

That's our little story for today from Calamity Acres. 


  1. I am glad that you felt strong enough to post today after all that has happened. Our thoughts go to you from the other side of the world in Australia as we go about our daily tasks. Life has many twists and turns and I feel so sad for you and Keith ...but I know that joy you feel in your little farm will somehow break through again in amongst the sadness. Hugs ,Kimx

  2. You and Keith have been in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I too am glad that you posted today, just to keep the connection going, so you know that we all care. We do hurt for all of you.

    Mary Ann, your mother was a beauty! I loved reading the tribute you wrote her. And Keith's mother is beautiful too. I'm glad to see her picture with her granddaughter. I know you're all drawing close in this time and just loving each other through it.
    Love to you, Mary Ann, and thank you for looking at my mother's picture today too,

  3. To have a strong maternal influence
    is the best thing in life!

    M :)

  4. Yes, Mary Ann, your mom was a pretty lady. I hope things will soon be emotionally settled down a bit for you and your family. May the Lord comfort you all.

  5. Without our mothers we'd be no where for sure. What a blessing they were to us. Glad to hear you had a good Mothers Day. It was a wonderful one here too. From breakfast in the morning to dinner in the evening, I was treated royally.

  6. I agree with your post, so glad you gave a update. I will keep praying.
    I love that picture with your husband Mom holding that baby, what a lovely shot.
    I love the one also with your Mom, very pretty.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and weekend !!

  8. Lovely pictures of your Mom and Mom-in-law!
    Thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you all!!

  9. We have been thinking about you and keith all weekend, and sending you guys lots of good thoughts and prayers. We love the pictures of your moms. Your momma was so beautiful!
    Stella Rose

  10. Your Mother was beautiful! Glad you are back, you guys have been on my mind.

  11. The hubby kept asking me if I wanted to go fishing.....I said fishing sounds more like something to do on Father's day. Around 2 pm, I told him to call the neighbor and see if he could get him to go with him.

    O boy was he happy. So was I, then I got to do some things I wanted to do without hearing whining.

  12. I loved seeing the pictures of everyones' mothers for Mother's Day! :)

  13. Awww absolutely beautiful photos!

  14. So glad to hear from you, Mary Ann. I have been thinking about you and Keith and your families so much.

    Lovely photo of your mother.

  15. Beautiful mothers and wonderful memories........ You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers- especially Keith........ I can't begin to imagine the pain ......
    Peace to you ,


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