Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hay in May

I snapped this out the car window this morning on my way back from post. 

I can't remember seeing hay being made in May here, since we moved here. 

wrote about it today, too. 

I don't ever remember hay being made this early around here. 

What was that you said, Ma?????

Hay?  What is hay???

Don't worry, Fawni, you would like it if you saw it. 

(let me tell you, folks, that mud REEKS) 

Here's one of my helpers hard at work today. 

Tomorrow morning, early, I have to take two hungry little kids to see Dr. Jeannie. 
I found out that Dr. Jeannie does not disbud, and another vet does... but he neuters at 2 weeks, and will not do it now.  

I do have the name of someone who disbuds, a goat owner in our neighborhood, and my friend down the road uses her now, since she hates to do it herself.  I'm still fighting with myself over it, and yes, I've studied the pros and cons.  

I kept an eye on my helpers, so they wouldn't tip the cart over.  I had cleaned all the hay out of their barn, and put fresh straw down, as they cannot eat ANYTHING after 10 PM.  I'll be putting their carrier in the car tonight, and praying there is a break in the storms in the morning. 

This cartload of hay/straw went into the henspa yard to be composted.  The girls (and boys) were very glad to see it. 

We are under a tornado watch until 10 PM, and there is a threat of severe storms tomorrow.  I am alone... Keith has had to go to Salina for a 3 day excercise,  and he will be back Thursday night; I hope we have not blown away in the meantime. 

I am sure you are getting tired of snake pictures, but I am getting tired of walking in on snakes mating. 
I am cautious every time I walk in the door of the old henhouse now, to be sure I don't put my foot on someone. 
I did pull a large skin out of the rafters today, but I broke it... I am trying to get a whole one for little Jax. 

This is one snake, there was another inside the hole he was going into.  I put a new light in the feed room side of the old henhouse today, and it really lit it up.  That may dissuade our visitors. 

Rambo and his ladies were able to go into the horse-llama-goat yard this afternoon for the first time since the babies came home.  Formerly, they had the run of it, since we rarely shut the horses or llamas up.  
They couldn't believe their good fortune, and ran in, checked the barn out, went all around the yard, and then slowly came back across the pasture as I worked.  The babies were able to run in and out and up and down the pasture, while I kept an eye on them. 

I got a bunch of things planted today... flowers... and will take pictures later and show them to you tomorrow.  I had hoped to get the last of the perennials I started this spring into the ground today, but will aim now for tomorrow if it is not pouring.  
I have to drop the babies off at around 8 AM, and be at the dentist 4 miles away at 8:30... I have a jaw infection that has been laying me low.  I hope the doctor gives me antibiotics to settle it down and then maybe I can get some good sleep.  I suspect I am going to have to see the endodontist, but I am not going to worry about it until I see the doctor tomorrow. 

One last picture of goatie cuteness. 
They are wearing the pop bottles out, I am going to have to get new ones tomorrow. 
It's looking kind of icky out, so I'm going to go out and see if I can lock anyone up.  The three little chicks are not going into their pen (they do it alone) until it's nearly dark, but they do go in. 
The henspa girls do not go in until dark, either, but I shut all the lights out early to try to get everyone settled with this weather brewing. 


  1. I'm really surprised your little "helpers" didn't tip that cart over! LOL!!
    I hope everything goes well tomorrow for you and the goatie boys. Stay safe tonight with all that nasty weather.

  2. Praying for you to stay safe in the storm, Mary Ann. And I hope your dr helps that jaw infection soon. My, you have a lot to do right now. You are one busy woman (I've read back through several posts, but already knew you were busy). Love to the two little ones who have to have the little bit of surgery in the morning. Ouch. I guess it's necessary. The new steps are nice. You're both getting so much done.

  3. Here in West Virginia, making hay in May isn't unusual, IF the weather permits. One time years ago, my dad and I put in a fourth cutting of hay on the FIRST OF NOVEMBER, while wearing flannel shirts! Some years are different than others, apparently. :-)

  4. Beautiful post. We love the photos..
    And we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers that the tornado does not come.

  5. I hope you're safe tonight from the storms...that's scary stuff! Yes, the hay seems to come earlier every year! Thanks for the shout out! :)

  6. You had me worried for a bit when you mentioned that you were taking two kids to be debudded! I almost called 911 until I read along and saw you were talking about goats. Whew!

  7. Sounds like a very busy day for you there. Hope all goes well with both the kids and the dentist. We had severe storm warnings here but they all moved east of us and all we got were clouds for the most part. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  8. They have been making hay here too. It has been raining and yesterday thunderstorms so no making hay this week.
    Its funny how those bottle babies can take out a pop bottle :)

  9. Get well soon. I've been fighting a sinus infection for a couple of weeks. Miserable to be feeling bad.

  10. Great post Mary Ann. I just love all the action around your place. Looks like you got your camera fixed. Really nice photos.

  11. Stay safe! And good luck getting the babies loaded & to the Dr. tomorrow.


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