Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Sincere Thanks to a Fellow Blogger for a Certified Cuteness Overload!

This morning, we drove to Omaha from Tonganoxie, an almost 8 hour drive, round trip. 
We have just returned home.  

We went by a lot of fields that are too wet to plant. 

And some that have been, with charming old barns and even older houses (like the brick one in the trees).  

Keith has been under the weather today, so this was a sacrifice of love for him, and I really appreciate it. 

Here's why: 

The wonderful Michaele Olesen, from Sprount N'Wings Farm 
had read of my search for goat kids, and she has gifted us, along with her beautiful twins Rylee and Rikki, with two of the bucklings from their latest group born.  If you click on the link, you will see all four. 

We did not get to visit long.  Michaele showed me how to bottle feed, and was kind enough to give me a Pritchard's nipple, as we had gotten the wrong kind... and our Pritchard's are on order but have not come yet. 

Here is Keith with Cutie Number Two: 

He has the most beautiful white around his soft little ears, and a white ring around his nose. 

They had a good ride back, and we stopped about 40 miles out so they could each have something to eat. 

They are in a crate in the bedroom right now, though their little barn is ready.  We realized that we need to really watch them today, as it's still only about 54 degrees out.  In fact, Nugget and the babies, who are so sick of their small pen... are still in. 

Once I get the hang of feeding them today, then they will move out to the little barn, which has become a goat heaven. 

There would have been more pictures in Omaha, but it was blowing on the little babies, and we wanted to get them started home.  We had a near miss in the downtown freeway, someone had tried to back OUT of his exit in the middle of the road and into our lane, and thank God, Keith saw him in time. 

This is the one Michaele has been calling Kody, and the other, Kaycee. 
I would say Kody weighs 2 pounds, and Kaycee, 3.  

Worn out after all the excitement. 
And... the camera broke.  The lens is not opening, so I am waiting for a while to see if it settles down.  

Michaele, Kody did drink for me.  We aren't very elegant about it, but he got it down! 

They are sleeping in the crate right now, with Keith on the bed next to them, and Abby laying there watching them.  We have the big dogs outside.  
No, they won't live in the house, but Keith wants to be sure they are doing well tonight. 

Abby wants to play, but she is just too big for the little dolls. 

The big dogs don't know they are here yet, and we are keeping them far apart.  

And now, I've got to get supper in the oven.  I remembered everything as I flew through chores this morning, except to put the roast in the crockpot, so we are having dutch oven roast tonight. 
We had our Quatro De Mayo dinner of tacos last night! 

And that's it for a bunch of worn out animals and people at Calamity Acres! 


  1. They are so sweet. Cute babies for sure. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Oh, Mary Ann, they are soooo cute! I follow Michaele's blog and have seen these little guys there! Can't wait to watch them grow up at their new home at Calamity Acres! :)

  3. I'm so happy for you both! They are darling and will have the loveliest home with you all. I too look forward to seeing them grow there on Calamity Acres Farm. You probably won't get much sleep tonight. Tell Abby not to worry, she's still first in your hearts.

  4. Awwww, Mary Ann, they are just too darn cute. I am so jealous!

  5. I just saw Michaele's post on her blog, I am so glad you were able to get together. It is so funny because, when I saw her goat babies, I immediately thought of you. I guess it was meant to be. Congratulations!

  6. They are adorable...I'm sure they will have a wonderful life at Calamity Acres!

  7. Oh Mary Ann, congratulations! They are adorable! It will be so much fun watching them grow up.

    I hope Keith feels better soon.

  8. I love a happy ending! I'm thrilled for you all and look forward to seeing them grow.

  9. Hi, I have hopped from Michaele to you, and what a wonderful update you have given.lovely photos, in-house comfort and care, a great day out with goodies to bring home. Enjoy. Cheers from Jeanp.s. the word "bucklings" fits them so well!!

  10. Congrats on those cuties :)

  11. Very exciting! So happy for you guys!

  12. Oh congratulations on your new addition. Michaele will be so happy to watch them grow through your blog. Good luck, they sure are adorable. B

  13. Oh I'm so happy you guys were able to connect! Fabulous blogging world! I feel like I have so many peeps I'd l to sit and have coffee with or even clean out the barn with!
    Life is good!
    Have fun w your new kids!!!

  14. The best of luck to you! These are two lucky little goats : )

  15. Oh Mary Ann they are so cute..just like bugs in a rug, for sure and guess what those are the same names of two of moms girls!
    stella rose

  16. Glad Keith was paying attention. Crazy drivers....

    Try fresh batteries in your camera. When mine whacks out sometimes it is the batteries.

    They are very, very cute.

    The hubby said the neighbor dropped in looking for one of his dogs. He asked him about incubating some chicks for us. So, I guess sometime soon he is going to do it for us.

  17. Congratulations on your new babies, they are adorable.

  18. Beautiful! Can't wait to see how they grow up!

  19. Awww, how wonderful that you have two of Michaela's little babies with you now!! I want to come and visit.


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