Friday, May 31, 2013

Not My Planned Second Post

Okay, I'm having to remind myself of why I want chickens and ducks. 

The henspa yard, this afternoon.  I sit in that chair when I fill the pool.  It's disgusting.  The smell is disgusting.  I really am thinking of moving the ducks to the other side, to the old henhouse yard.  They can have access to the pasture, and it won't be as bad.  They will be able to get their greens on their own. 
This mess is about 80% their fault, but the rest is from the rains. 

Some of the hens don't even want to be down in it. 

I'm thinking of dropping the cover for the summer, so the whole thing has a chance to dry out well. 

Here's the Missouri River at Leavenworth Landing Park, where Lewis and Clark landed once upon a time. 
The Mighty Mo is in flood stage, can you tell? 

Keith took this this morning. 

There is usually another ten feet of bank in front of the fence. 

My original plan for today was to show you all something neat I found yesterday when I went to the post.  I stopped to take pictures.  I had noticed it a few weeks ago when Keith drove us to Home Depot in Leavenworth... and I had never noticed it before.  I stopped there on purpose yesterday. 

Instead, I'm going to do that tomorrow, and show you what I found when I went in the big henhouse to do chores. 

ARGHHHHH!  I didn't get the egg in her middle, but I DID get a third one in the cage, and yes, I stuck my hand in there. 

Here's her buddy... he went to the top of the cage to try to get out when I came in.  (This is the nursing cage, up on stilts) 
I'm sure he dropped back down and ate that other egg.  I got the third one, don't ask me how. 

These are NOT Mr. T... these are the other two snakes that have been mating all week. 

If it just didn't flipping smell so bad in there with the muck from last night... but now it's humid and within minutes, I was perspiring like you wouldn't believe. 

I shoveled out two shovels full of muck, and said 
"That's it for today"

Everyone has water and food... and I'll still feed the babies their bottles about 8 PM, but that's IT for me, except for locking everyone up.   UGH. 

I know we needed rain, but UGH. 

Supposedly we have 3 days of sun and 80 degree temps coming before the next storm, 
thank heavens! 

Tomorrow I'll show you the Little Church in the Wildwood I found.  


  1. We have black snakes here too but I don't go anywhere close to them. I hate that they got the eggs. Would they bite you?

    I'm watching the OK news and just dreading so much what the news might be later.

    Be careful, Mary Ann.

    1. Deweena, they will bite... but to defend themselves. The bites hurt, but are not poisonous, I have a friend who gathered eggs when he was a teenager in a huge poultry farm, and he was bitten over and over by them.

      I was glued to the tv all evening!

  2. O.M.G.

    I might have to rethink wanting chickens, LOL! Be safe! That gives me goosebumps....

  3. Darn it, they got an egg! Please get rid of them before they decide to take a finger of yours.

  4. OH MY ! That even startled me and we have a pet snake .

  5. I don't normally kill blacksnakes, but I'd at least relocate those egg-eating devils!

  6. Those really are some very impressive snakes.:)

  7. That's a proper snake! Eeek! Wishing for sunshine for you, you sure do deserve it!

  8. Hope you have in a safety place.

    OMG! SHOT that snake. U are a brave lady §:-)

    Enjoy your w/end.

    I am in my blog stroll today and I ended to your blog. Very interesting.

    Greetings from Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  9. I know every creature has a purpose and those snakes are suppose to eat the mice and rats - not your eggs or baby chicks if they get half a chance. I wouldn't be so kind -- the only good snake around me is a dead snake!!

  10. I hear you about cleaning up after ducks, they are a mess... but comic relief :) Yikes to the snakes, but really interesting!

  11. UUUUGGGG, I'd have to relocate those friends of yours. Too creepy for me.


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