Friday, May 17, 2013

Lotsa Doin's

Whew, we have lots of pictures again today. 

I worked in two of the flower beds extensively.  Though it was 68 degrees out, the humidity was sky high.  They are telling us that we are going to have possible severe storms by Sunday. 

I got the southern flower bed filled in and mulched.  Yes, there is still a ton of grass to pull and dig out in the unused bed behind it.  I'm going to put straw deeply on that bed in hopes of killing some of the weeds.  We hope to use that bed next year for soft fruits, bramble fruits. 

Way down at the top of the picture, there is a bare spot.  I'm putting some plants I started from seed there, that are still on the porch. 

I was stunned that as many plants returned to this bed, since we had such a brutul summer last year.  
The peony in about the middle is now four years old, and it has huge buds swelling on it.  The year I transplanted it, I thought I had lost it. 

My hope is that someday, I'll start enough perennials and fill in all the spots so we won't need to mulch as much.  I did put dirt and peat moss under the mulch in many places.  

Here's the other bed I worked on.  It has the least in it... some beautiful iris... a huge hollyhock in the middle, which, as a biennial, only grew on last year.  I hope to have blossoms from it this year.  There is some sedum, and at the other end, some liatris and more iris.  I planted some glads in this bed, using a lot of fresh Miracle Gro dirt and as you see, heavily mulched it. 

I finally am adept at getting the trailer connected to the mower reliably... so am using it to haul things I formerly hauled in the yard carts.  Gosh, it's saving my back so much. 

Excellent picture of your blogger.  I had just cut the yard and the north end, and thank heavens did not run over or kill this baby turtle.  He went down to the pasture to live. 

I took a break when Keith got home from work... and we put our plastic chairs in the pasture, and let the babies out of their pen to play.  Every time they realized they were far away from us, back they would come running to mommy and daddy. 
They are now eating about every four hours, but they sleep all night.  I'll feed them at 8 PM, and then put them in their little barn for the night.  I go out between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning, and feed their morning bottle.  

They had another visitor today, little Aaron, who is Troy and Kathy's grandson.  He loved playing with them, and they ran up and down the pasture with him as his grandma and I watched them. 
I know they'll be good and tired tonight. 

And look what else is happening: 

Yep, the patio is being started tonight.  They've already prepared the ground, and they are getting ready to lay the gravel underlay. 
That's Troy standing next to Keith.  His brother in law and nephew have the concrete company. 

It's quite the project.  I thought it was just going to be two guys and a wheelbarrow. 
They have a COMPANY, even. 


I'll take better pictures, right now, Aunt Abby needs to go potty. 

That's it for a humid Friday at Calamity Acres. 


  1. Your flower beds look amazing and boy o boy do I wish I had relatives who owned a concrete company!:)

  2. Progress is a wonderful thing.

  3. Goat kids can be so much fun :) Love the pictures!
    Good Luck with your patio!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a fun filled day! I'm loving all the activity in the gardens of my Northern friends. Here, Downunder, I'll be pruning the roses for winter soon.

    Dotti :)

  5. There is always something new going on there. How nice you are getting a new patio and that you have so much help. We have been blessed with really nice weather here. I did do some planting myself as one of my Mothers Day gifts was a hydrangea plant and I got it set in the ground yesterday. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  6. Can't wait to see all those flowers in bloom. A patio! Yeah!! those goat babies are just too darn sweet.

  7. Wonderful gardens Mary Ann !!! Retirement-relaxing and taking it easy------hahaha----- really agrees with you!! You look fabulous!! I wish I could get half the work done that you do!!
    Rain :)

  8. Love that picture of you! :) And the goatie kids, adorable. Looks like you guys are getting a lot done. handy to have a concrete company in the family too ;) At least you can trust the job will get done!

  9. Look how great you look Mary Ann!

    That is such a cute picture of the baby goat.


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