Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post Op Report

Here were the little dolls last night: 

With their little manhoods missing.  Kaycee was hardly walking at this point, and I was really scared. 

You can tell in this picture how Kaycee feels, he is so hunched up.  My poor little guy. 

I can't handle them much, because their behinds are so sore. 

But, good news... 
Kaycee emptied a bottle this morning at 6:30, and Kody ate well, too. 

I am just about to go out and feed them again. 

Can you see it?  There, in the middle? 

A zinnia blooming, the first one! 

The grass you see behind them is in the unused bed, which has grown full of weeds.  With the wet conditions, we are digging out these huge clumps one by one.  Then we are going to cover the bed with carboard and paper and straw, to try to keep it clean til we are ready to use it for soft fruits, raspberries, etc.. 

I read an interesting gardening article in Mother Earth News last night that indicated that we should clean all vegetables before bringing them in... that to bring them in unclean brought in bugs and bacteria to the house.  Makes sense to me.  I'm going to come up with a little cleaning station outside, near the garden. 

It is pouring out there right now, but I was out earlier planting the last of the perennials I started.  This rain coming down will soak them in well. 

As you can see, the henyards are FUN right now... there are four of the little guys on the left, and the three chicks are in the upper middle.  They are getting along fine.  One will be a replacement rooster for Rambo, and the other two are pullets, one big and one medium size, not bantam, though out of a bantam. 

Dill coming up in the hoophouse. 

Water flows down the driveway, into the pasture, and then continues downhill to the Spehar's big, deep ponds. 
Remember, we were a strawberry farm, and we are terraced downhill. 

(times are off by 2 hours) 

And here they are, milk moustache and all on Kaycee... this morning, ten minutes ago. 
Feeling much better but still not really perky.  I am keeping them in, it's so wet and soggy out, and goats hate sog.  I want to keep them dry and clean. 

Both pee peed while I was in there... and both ate well.  They cannot drag themselves under the hay feeder, where they like to sleep in their little nest... I'm sure it's hurting to do so.  They were in a little ball of fur just outside it, warm and dry. 

I have to go back to the post for an appointment this afternoon, so thought I'd put the blog entry up early today... thanks for all your prayers and hopes for the babies.  We made it through the stressful day, and I got this in my phone last night: 

That is a blurry picture of Carol Abramovitz's doe, who finally kidded last night.  These are the folks whose place I visited in April, to see their Nigerians.  They thought she was due May 1st. 

She had two doelings and a buckling. 

The boy. 

Anyone know a good "K" name? 


  1. I'm glad they are doing better. I know you voiced opinion that banding is not good, but I can tell you from experience that the last buck I banded was up and acting normal within an hour. Within two hours he was bouncing through the pasture with the rest of the herd. Anesthesia is really hard on ruminants.

  2. Love the pictures, it looks like the babies are starting to come around.

    The weather isn't suppose to be so nice the next couple of days, try to stay dry.

    Here are a few "K" names: Kobi, Kree, Kristopher, Kolby, & Kruz

  3. I love your photos, too
    And your babies are adorable.
    Have a fabulous weekend,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Those babies were on my mind and heart last night so I'm so glad Kaycee is drinking this morning. I hope your jaw is healing and that you can sleep better at night now.

  5. Loved seeing your pictures! Cute little babies. I like the name Kobie. Kent? Keanu? Kennedy?
    Have a nice day. It's been raining here and more on the way. We are just waterlogged.

  6. Thanks for my afternoon dose of cuteness early. It was timed perfectly as I was about to go to sleep listening in on a very boring conference call. Glad they are both ok & I hope continue to feel better.

  7. OH we are so glad everyone is on the mend...we kept checkin your blog today...yes, i think the thunderstorm is heading our way..AGAIN!!!
    stella rose

  8. Hey I just sent your blog Calamityacres to Molly the Wally, do you have her added to your list, if not go ahead and add her, you can find her on my friend list, cos she is going to do a story about you on her sunday blog....

  9. Poor little fellas. Hope they heal quickly.

  10. pour little fellow...they are just too cute...

  11. Its gotta hurt! One of our Ponies has just had it done, Ouch! I do feel for them, but needs must!

  12. Oh, poor dears, hope they feel better the wee ones, just to cute....Koda is a cute name, Francine.

  13. Glad the little guys are doing better -- name suggestions - Kale, Kaden, Kolton

  14. Kelly!

    So glad the boys are doing better. In just days this present worry will be but a memory; the pain a brief interlude to a long, happy, and hormone-free life for them.

  15. I'm glad to hear the boys are doing better and congrats on the first zinnia of the season! :)

  16. I am so glad your little boys are better. I read your post last night before bed and I was so worried about them. I am so glad they are better today.
    You have had so much rain but every thing looks so pretty and green. Your chickens look great too.

  17. They look good, hope they are doing better! :) Such sweet kids. Hmmm K... I like Kealy... its an Irish name, means handsome :)

  18. That little one with the milk moustache is soooo cute!!

  19. Hi
    We tried to get hold of you to let you know that Stella Rose nominated you for our Share It Sunday guest post on our blog for this Sunday. You don't have to do anything but just send us a link to the post you want us to showcase.
    We are
    or email
    Best wishes Molly

  20. I love how much you love your goats. On our farm we do the banding because the recovery time is fairly instant ... the kids are running around normal in an hour or so .But you have to find the right thing for you that suits your family and your farm.
    They are so cute and small , you really are a great goat mum.

  21. They'll be jumping around in a few days!


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