Friday, January 4, 2013

Trying Again

Okay, I tried again and it's still not working.  Some of you have written recently about reaching your "Google Limit".  Is this what happened when you reached it?  The upload button did not even come on?
I purchase extra space from Google yearly, and recently was renewed in doing this, so I just can't imagine that's the reason. 
It's very frustrating, because I have some interesting pictures from the gamecam that I would love to share. 
If I press the picture button above, the "Select a File" box opens, but the bar that says "Browse" to choose from the computer will not appear.  This has now happened to me over and over. 
I am taking it from your comments that this has happened to some of you, too. 
I'm going to take a break and try one more time this evening.


  1. this is happening to everyone in the blogging world... I have tried for the past couple of days.. I posted a "complaint" as have several other people.. something is going on with them.. until then, I guess we wait.... I have some blogs to catch up on and I would really like to be able to do them...

  2. If you have purchased extra space from google, I don't think the limit will be the problem then. I haven't run into this problem because like I said, I use photobucket so I haven't noticed if blogger is having trouble. But maybe it's something wrong with them right now.. which sucks.

  3. I finally got it to work by switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox. Works great in FF!

  4. J, I downloaded Google Chrome and guess what? The picture uploads FLEW into the blog. Geeeeeee..... I should have downloaded FF, I didn't think of it!

    At least I don't have to sit here for an hour waiting for pictures to upload.

  5. I occasionally delete old blogs. No one reads them anyway, and it frees up more space.

  6. No problems here with Blogger....

  7. I had this problem yesterday but got around it by putting my picture into Photobucket and then using the "upload photo from url" button. I sure hope they get it back to "normal" soon. Grrrr...


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