Saturday, January 5, 2013

National Bird Day

And what a better day for the Yoders of Leavenworth County, since we have plenty of birds around here. 

Large birds.... 

And small birds 

In mid-afternoon, I made a visit to my son and his family, and found them doing this

Playing "Aggravation" on a cold winter's day.  I interrupted the game, so Paiton ran to get something to show me that she got for Christmas, and Jim got up to show me his new DSLR camera. 

Granddog Shiner was watching the game... and so was Granddog Jester, the Boston Terrier, but he had run off while we talked for a minute. 

This little girl has become velcro'd to my feet lately. She went with her Daddy to see Dr Tom this morning, and we have been told in no uncertain terms that she MUST get nine pounds off, so the diet has begun.  She is barking at me because she is hungry, so it's going to be as hard on me as it is on her.  We have to do it so we won't lose her. 

Her little sister Gertie came home with him from the vet's office... she is in the little blue box on the sideboard.  We are going to keep her there until spring is here for sure, and then she'll be spread on the pasture and yard that she loved so much. 

Tomorrow, let's talk seeds! 


  1. Must have missed the memo, had no idea it was National Bird day ... love the pitcher in your last picture on the right ... what a beauty!

  2. loved your post, but more importantly.. you're posting pics again.. I still can't.... :(

    1. Sue, I can't either with Internet Explorer. Try Chrome or Firefox. I'm not sure what's going on.

  3. I think your heart feels better having Gertie home in her little box now- right?
    For my diet-- I eat half light food and half regular food, and brockli, and green beans and a bite of banana. You might think of something like that for 'you know who"

  4. Oh Mary Ann, bless your heart, I know it still hurts. And I know it's hard for Abby to diet and you to make her. Just try to distract her when you can and give her extra hugs. Shiner is so handsome! I have to show his picture to my son who has an Old English Bulldog and is in love with all things bulldog. What cute little boys too, playing their game with parents!

    If I had to be a bird, I'd want to live on Calamity Acres!

  5. It is great to see all your pictures. Good to see your post about bird day too. Putting a dog on a diet would be hard. I once put one of mine on diet dog food that was supposed to do the trick, but never changed the amounts given. Now I have no dogs. After loosing the last one I said no more...It is hard loosing them.

  6. I've been trying to pick out a spot for Country. At 17 3/4, it's only a short time away before we lose her. I know this, but it still makes me cry thinking about it.

    Good luck on her diet. I can sympathize with her, dieting stinks.


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