Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Lovely Winter's Day

Brrrr!  Cold this morning, 6 degrees fahrenheit when I went out to do chores.  The pumps were frozen for the first time (at least, the first time I tried to use them) at both henhouses this morning, but I was carrying warm water from the house.  Yesterday, the birds in the old henhouse did not go outside, and I realized they are way too crowded in there.  Unfortunately, there is one missing today... our littlest turkey, Helen, died this afternoon.  I found her last night, and she appeared to be dying then... she lasted until shortly after noon.  Both she and Rosie were coughing when they came here... and we dosed them with VetRx.... and the coughing and discharge stopped... but something else was obviously going on with her. 
Rosie appears to be fine, and was out in the pasture with Jackson just a bit ago.
Remember what I said about quarantine?

Here is the beautiful Lilly Ann, as the sun was coming up this morning.  Something caught her eye at the bottom of the pasture.
I moved around behind her, and as you can see, she was still staring intently.  That's the brush pile in the bottom of the pasture, but there is a wild corner where Troy's, ours, and the Spehar's property all meet in the corner.
She later ran along the pasture fence to the east, barking and jumping.
If you look directly into the middle of this, you'll see Jackson peeking out saying
"How cold is it out there?"  As a matter of fact, no one but the six young roosters came out yesterday... and they froze all day.  Today, at about noon, I looked out and all the birds except the very small ones from the big henhouse were out in the pasture. 
I found Fluffernut, in the middle of the top of the henspa.
Tonight she is roosting in between two of the bigger hens on the top roost, where she can keep very warm.
Abby Lynn has been helping me with the farm chores today, and was getting worn out. She came in this afternoon and took a nap on the big bed while I made potato soup.
While the soup cooked, I transferred my recipe pages from an old binder to a bigger binder... as you can see, the meatloaf recipe there has been used numerous times.  It's brown sugar meatloaf from  YUMMM.
Keith and I remarked at dinner how we have almost stopped using cookbooks.  I have probably 40 of them, and can't remember the last time I used one.
Lilly is just beautiful in the sunlight!


  1. That's so sweet...the little hen roosting between the others to keep warm! I'm always intrigued by how, even though the pecking order is followed almost exclusively during the day, that they all huddle together at night as if they really do like each other! :)

  2. It sure has been cold! We are supposed to warm up though.

    I have many cookbooks too!

    Stay warm!

    M :)

  3. I love looking at your chickens in their beautiful homes. And I love looking at your world.
    Oh the wonders that Lilly is sniffing. What a beautiful girl she is.
    And Abby Lynn- looks like a great little helper. So cute.
    Its been cold here too,, 18 this morning,,
    Little Tweedles has to be bundled up so good before she goes ourside--or she shivers so bad that she cannot pee.
    I wish for some of your potatoe soup.

  4. Sorry about your loss of the little turkey.... too bad.

    It's been very cold here, as well.
    Not un-usual... we generally have about two weeks of temperatures in the negative ranges.

    Love the pictures.

    Happy New Year to you, my friend.
    Hope it's a year filled with blessings, and much happiness.

  5. It's been bitter cold here too and we have lots of snow on the ground. Thankfully, I don't have any farm chores so don't have to go out in it much. Ventured to the grocery store yesterday and that was about it. Sorry for your loss. I have a couple of favorite cook books that still get used. Although I should know the recipes by heart I still get them out. Take care and stay warm!

  6. Sorry to hear about Helen, so sad......Wonder what caught Lilly Ann`s attention out there......Blessings Francine.

  7. That's sad about Helen but I'm so glad you're having sunshine. We have our first sun today and it is so welcome for the spirits. I'm sure Lilly Ann loves it but I hope she joins Abby inside where it is warm. Do you put cheese in your potato soup? My husband doesn't handle cheese well anymore so I haven't made potato soup in quite a while. It sounds so comforting though after the richer foods of Christmas. Love your notebook. I went to those several years ago trying to organize the recipes I constantly clip. My sister Deb has gotten rid of most all her cookbooks because she finds everything she needs online, but I still love looking through my cookbooks.

    Love you,

  8. I'm ashamed to admit that I have more than 40 cookbooks.....and don't use them.

    I thumb thru them and drool.

    I'm sorry about Helen.

    Lilly Ann is a beautiful girl.

  9. Really nice shots of Lilly in the sun!

  10. Hello! Hello! Thank you for joining my blog! I'm going to enjoy following your blog too! I see that you have some lovely friends and are a good cook toooo! Weeee! xoxo

  11. I'm sorry about Helen... The pictures of Lilly are beautiful. The picture of Jackson made me laugh like "should I go out or stay in?" that's one great helper you got there! Stew for us tonight, gotta eats soups and stews to chase the chill away :)


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