Sunday, January 13, 2013

All Kinds of Stuff

First off, in the Category of Weird Eggs: 

One of the hens is consistently laying this oblong... extra long shaped egg.  Strange. 

Some of you may have seen this button far down on the right: 

Yes, I'm one of those "Downton Abbey" nuts. I am so glad it's back, and I'll be parked on the couch with Abby this evening, dishes done, watching enthralled. I loved "Call the Midwife", too, and if I had to pick one, it would be the midwife, as I think Chummy is one of the best characters on TV, EVER.  For those of you who have already seen the whole series... don't tell us what happens!!!!

This is how I did dinner today, which Keith is eating right now. 

I cooked noodles, then used jarred sauce, pre-cooked chicken, frozen vegetables, and then I crumbled Ritz crackers over the top. Popped it in at 300 for 30 minutes, and it was ready.  Keith is participating in the Governor's Challenge starting tomorrow... from the governor on down, state employees in Kansas are racing to see who can loose the most.  Keith and two of his fellow disaster coordinators are taking part in it for the next two months.  Cookie baking is coming to a rapid end here for a while. 

This large green pot is extremely lightweight. I got it at WalMart yesterday, it was in a pile with about 20 brown ones.  I could not find a price, and asked the clerk to please check the barcode on the label you see. It read "15.00".  She then checked two of the brown ones, which read "27.82".  I asked her how could that be, and she said she wasn't sure, but maybe the green was discontinued.  She told me I could have the green one for 15.00.  Lo and behold, I went to the checkout across the store with it and my other things... and it rung up at 15.00.  I got home, and when I got it out of the car, I found a sticker down low on the other side from this that said "27.82".  Neither the clerk nor I saw it, nor the cashier.  I would not have taken it had I seen the sticker on it's side.  Now, my question is... should I fess up?  (I know I should, but the clerk is the one who told me the price) and the price rang up at the price on the card attached.  My other question there truly almost a 100% markup on this item at WalMart???? For gosh sakes. 

I'll have a talk with the Customer Service office next time I am in there and see if they would like their pot back.  I just don't know if I would pay nearly 30.00 for it.  

I took some eggs to a good friend this afternoon, whom I happened to talk to this week after a year or so.  She was not home, and I noticed that her son had a full size basketball goal in their drive. There was another about 3/4 size goal laying in the yard.  Yesterday, I went to see grandson Jacob play basketball. 

Hard to get a picture of Jake streaking down court. 

His little brother Jaxton wants to play, too, so I am going to talk to my friend Mary this week and see if she wants to sell the 3/4 size goal, and the two boys can start practicing shooting in their driveway. 

These were the last two stragglers into the big henhouse this afternoon, they were watching me and talking to me.  They are both so healthy and nice, I wish poor little Helen would have been as healthy.  We dosed Rosie with VetRx when she came, and must have gotten her over the respiratory hump. 

As I was locking up, I was being watched from just outside the gate: 

Keith was listening to the football game in the truck after unloading feed, and Abby loves to sit on her daddy's lap. 

A final word here about spam on blogs. 
I have read many comments about spam, and know that that is why some bloggers have the dreaded "Word Verification" turned on.  This past week, I had three nights of the exact same spam.  It was in Arabic, and I finally ran the translator on it.  It was a spam message about Iraqi Chat. 
I deleted all three, but yes, it made me a little nervous.  I have had very little spam.  Only one other previous message actually got through onto the comments, without going to the spam folder.  I checked my spam folder a few months ago, and Blogger had caught about 16 comments and filed them, but it didn't catch these three.  It didn't help me that Keith (former Army officer and Ever Vigilant) reminded me that Al Qaida had communicated through comments on blogs many years ago, either.  I noticed spam in the comments on one of my favorite blogs "Tweedles, That's Me", this week, also.  I'm not going the route of Word Verification.... yet.  


  1. If you haven't already quit allowing anonymous comments on your blog, please do so. I finally dropped three blogs this week because it's so frustrating trying to use word verification.

  2. As for the pot...someone may have returned that pot to the store and if that store doesn't carry that particular pot (color) they will mark it down in order to get rid of it from their inventory. I certainly wouldn't ask them a second's not like they check with you on all their exuberant markups (ie the brown pots!) Like they all comes out in the wash.

    Now about that spam...maybe you should change the name of your blog to 'Mary Ann...Secret Agent Farmer'. =o)

  3. My.. you've had a very busy time there.

    I hadn't had any problems with spam ---knock on wood.
    But, I did read a thing today about everyone's Java programs getting hacked.
    Homeland Security is asking for people to turn off their Java programs (and the other ones that the same company owns) until they can get the problem fixed.
    I wonder if there is any correlation??

    Love Downton Abbey too. I'm a brand new fan; as of this past weekend.
    I caught up on all the season 1 episodes on Netflix, and then watched tonights episode this afternoon on PBS.ORG.
    Love the "Free Bates"

    Enjoy your evening, and please give my best wished to your hubby!
    He will be the champion in this get-fit challenge!!


  4. About the eggs - I would imagine that the long skinny one wouldn't hurt when the hen is laying.
    About Downton Abbey --- I love it!! For Xmas, got the recipe book and another book about the actors/actresses and behind the scenes. Also,- I've seen all of it--- AWSOME 3rd season! You'll enjoy and that's all I'll say!

  5. I'm a fan of Downton Abby too. I've watched the Midwives but not regularly it is good too. Your casserole looks very good. I took the option of comment approval on my blog, but it seems if you don't allow anonymous comments it really does take away the spam for the most part. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  6. If she scanned it and it came up $15, then that's what I would pay.

    After XMAS, they had a 6 ft tall aluminum cage of throws with a sign that clearly said $2.48. I picked up 6 of them. At the register they came up to the original price of $5.48. I told the lady where they were and what price was on the bin. She sent somebody back there and came back and told her the price said $2.48.

  7. My mommas sister loves both of those wants to know if you could cook us that meal looked super good!
    stella rose

  8. I love Downton Abby but have to watch it on Netflix. Frustrating - but no commercials : )
    Be sure to turn off anonymous comments - it will help.

  9. First of all if the green pot scanned at the lower amount, its because those changes came down from higher sources in the store organization. My daughter found a rack of baby clothes at Walmart with no physical mark down on the tags, but they were ringing up for 1 to 3 dollars. She asked a clerk, she said the scanned price IS the price, so not to worry. She is pretty excited and keeps checking this rack with mixed and odd items. So you scored .... Oh and Downton Abbey!! So glad its back, I am loving it too! I own season one and two on DVD and can't tell how many times I have loaned them out ... the third season goes on sale on January 29th, at least on line. Yeah!!

  10. Wouldn't miss Downton Abby! I used to have a terrible time proving I wasn't a robot when trying to leave comments on certain blogs but now, after 2 cataract surgeries, I rarely fail one! Brenda at Cozy House told me to turn off anonymous and I did, but felt bad doing it as that is the way I commented at first. What's happening to you and other bloggers is scary--or very frustrating.

    I love the color of that green pot. I think all the above comments should convince you that you did your best so just enjoy the pot without guilt. Good look to your husband and the state on the weight loss program. Even little bits are supposed to help. It's so weird that everybody diets in January, which happens to be the month that produce gets very expensive. You'd think it would be July when we'd have more success dieting. I don't even like to think about it. Let's change the subject. Basketball games and little that's something fun to get involved in!


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