Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time for Some New Stuff

Well, well, well. 

Time to update the header picture... so I will be working on that for the next few days, I think.  I understand PicMonkey is charging now, so I will investigate other options, as well as it's cost. 

It's a beautiful day here in Leavenworth County, up to 47 Degrees already. 

As you have probably noted, we have an ad for Tractor Supply on our blog today, which I hope will be there for a while.  We were approached by Tractor Supply, and we don't mind the ad as we shop there all the time.  Chick Days are coming up!   

A long time ago, we had Google Adsense ads on this blog, and they never made too much sense, plus, we never knew what was going to run.  Then, one day, I must not have answered a note from Google, because they went away.  We are not running this blog to support us, because heaven knows, that would definitely be a poor choice, but I don't mind appropriate ads that are about the things we write about... gardening, poultry,  etc.. 

Keith and I are considering putting a greenhouse up, you know I've written about it, so we are trying to do due diligence and decide whether to purchase a kit, or try to build from scratch.  Keith is planning a fishing trip with his dad for June, and we are leaning at this point towards using a kit.  Here are some I've looked at: 

Sorry for the blurry picture from the web.  This model has polycarbonate sides, as you see.  It is one of the larger models, and runs about 3000.00.  ( 

This is a much smaller model hobby greenhouse, from FarmTek. 

I like this one very much.  It's also from Farmtek, and a little more expensive than the previous... I think about 1500.00.  Yes, they are an investment, but I think one that we would use for years to come.
There is more expense than the actual greenhouse, as you need to add vents, etc.  Also, if you are really going to extend your seasons, some source of heat would be necessary.  Keith would be able to build simple shelves into something like this one, I think, to use all the space optimally. 

We hope to get a decision made, and the greenhouse purchased, so we can build sometime in March... that would give me time to get seeds started there. 
We also have talked about running electric from the Henspa to the greenhouse area. 

Now... bringing that up... there is actually room next to the Henspa for a greenhouse like this: 

Yes, that's Gertie with Lilly.  How we miss her little face. 

If it were next to the henspa, the electric would be easy to run, and it would also be adjacent to the garden area.

We would then have a lineup of:  Henspa, greenhouse, garden area, and we could throw spent garden produce, etc. into the henspa yard for the girls. 

Speaking of henhouses, here's what I gathered from the girls a little earlier today: 

I got 23 eggs on Monday.  18 yesterday.  These girls are doing right by us. 

As you can see, they have not been wiped clean yet.  I try not to wipe the bloom off the eggs, but I don't put them in the refrigerator with feathers and feces on them, either. 

Here's a face her Mommy and Daddy love. 

And here's what we'll be doing in about three hours this evening, watching TV together! 

If any of you have not read "Across the Way" today, it's another wonderful entry from Deweena... what a pleasure it is to read her blog! 


  1. How many chickens do you have, Mary Ann? That's a nice bunch of eggs!

  2. it begs look really good . what a sweet little piggy face
    Stella rose

  3. Wow, quite the harvest of eggs!
    A greenhouse would be fun!

  4. Mary Ann, I read down through the greenhouses and called my husband to come see what you were wanting to do this spring. He was so interested as he wants something on that order here. He worked for a couple of years for my father in FL at his houseplant nursery in Apopka, FL. Well he remembers the cold nights when they would rush there to tend the furnaces. You have so much open space there for your greenhouse. We have so little as this is a valley property with tall ridges all around us, but I think he could squeeze in a small greenhouse somewhere.

    Then I kept reading your post through the end, my heart doing a little flipflop at the picture of Gertie and then smiling at Abby. And then at the end you were so sweet to mention my blog and I thank you so much! I'm sure weeds are something you are familiar with there.

    Can't wait to see your greenhouse when it's finished. You will be a happy gardener working away out there!
    Love you,

    P.S. TSC is my husband's favorite store!

  5. We would love a green house too. Can't wait to see what you choose.
    We want to come visit your farm- it always looks so fun and happy.
    Happy chickys who lay pretty eggs and a cute little puggy face to kiss

  6. I like all the green houses.
    Always an excitement when planning something new.
    Lots of eggs you have there..
    I love your little pug.
    lots of deep snow too.
    happy Thursday

  7. I love your idea to have a green house. It will be fun to see what you do. I don't even have a garden here but I like to see what others do. And thoughts of Spring are always good. It's nice we have quieter winter days just to make plans.

  8. I really like that last greenhouse, looks to be "just right!"
    I wish we had a TSC near us! As far as I know, there aren't any in Arizona yet. :(

  9. Awesome about tractor supply and the ad, it fits the theme and works. We have a green house we'd like to get up this year too... hope you find one that suits you well! Love the Pug love pictures :)

  10. Aw, she's a sweetheart.

    Those are all nice greenhouses.

  11. You should definitely look hard into building the greenhouse yourself. I helped a friend build a small (8x10) greenhouse a few years ago and the total cost was around $300. We used local rough-cut lumber and got the special plastic from FarmTek. It is a simple rectangle with rafters and turned out to be a very pretty, sturdy structure that was very simple to build. I will try to find some photos for you.

    I'd be curious to hear more about the TSC ad, I wouldn't mind doing something like that on my blog, especially if it could help pay off Ramsey's vet bills:)


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