Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gardening Thoughts

I have been doing a lot of thinking about gardening this week, and checked some books out of the library to get some suggestions.  I sat here last night and looked on Pinterest, too... my goodness, I almost didn't get to bed! 

Hasn't the world changed?  Gardening lore used to come down through word of mouth, parents to children, books... and now we look online and find pretty pictures (and many times, instructions attached) for inspiration.  

So, here are some things I pinned last night: 

I pinned a bunch of greenhouses, almost all "DIY".  I think this one is darling, it's homemade.  

Here is another I really liked. 

We did something like this when we planted our herbs last year.  They throve in the hot hoophouse, and all crowded together.  I am going to plant similarly this year... and may even use our big watertank, like this one, since it is too deep for ponies and goats. 

I saw many, many pins with materials used from pallets.  This was one... I thought it was a good idea, and I'm going to use it.  Kathy next door still has access to pallets, and I'll have her cut some pieces for me to use this way.  

This was one of my favorites... a swing made from an old chair, legs removed. I LOVE this idea, and it would be easy to do.  When we moved here, there was an ancient swing hanging from the maple tree by the deck.  We finally had to take it down, it was so fragile.  I would love to have something like this to hang from the maple. 

Another container planting idea... wine boxes.  It would sure help those who aren't able to bend over, and could be elevated simply, as you see here.  There are so many miniature varieties of vegetables and flowers that there would be a lot to plant. 

One word for this planter: 


Two years ago, I bought hanging baskets at the end of June at the nursery.  They were reduced from 45.00 apiece to about 15.00 apiece, and served us well until fall.  They are still here, the moss still on the baskets.  This idea above says take that moss out, and put simple burlap in, then put your planting medium in it.  I bought burlap potato sacks from the same nursery and have a supply of them, and I know what I'm going to do with those two planters I held onto! 

Same idea, burlap in buckets.  We are here to tell you, though, that this really does not work all that well.  They have to be watered steadily, and I think their growth is cramped.  We won't use buckets this year, though we WILL use the big whiskey tubs I had tomatoes in last year.  (And frankly, the burlap is window-dressing, here) 

And, my favorite gardening pin of the night: 

We still have the huge log, the trunk of the tree that went over in our mini-tornado wind-shear incident two years ago almost.  Troy and Kathy wanted to cut it up at one point, but haven't, and now I think this would be a GREAT use of it!  It is in a sunny place, and oh, my, how it would make that part of the yard shine! 

(sorry it's blurry, the original photo was very small) 

Michelle mentioned in the comments last night that she thought "our" owl might be a barn owl.  I went back to look at the owls of Kansas, and found this: 

Barn Owl - Photo by Bob Gress

As you see, the barn owl has a very pale, almost white face, and a white underbelly. 

The barred owl, on the other hand... 

Barred Owl - Photo by Bob Gress

"Our" owl: 

I vote barred.  Maybe I can find an ornithologist and send the picture to them.  I did that with several snakes, at the Kansas Snake Burrow, and had them identified. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing these gardening pictures, and maybe get some ideas from them.  I pinned until late, I was enjoying looking at all the great ideas so much! 


  1. Be sure to treat those pallet boards. They go brittle and break in about 2 years. I found out the hard way. :-{

  2. I love the green houses. They would be a delight to work in. They're just pretty without anything inside. It's so good to be thinking about Spring! I'm with you on the owl.

  3. All your pictures certainly get the creative juices flowing. I love them all and I did wonder when you wrote about how much the greenhouses cost whether you might could make one yourself, lots cheaper. We have got to try our herbs in pots this year as it's so hard to keep our dogs and cat from sitting on them when they're in the ground. I love the idea of crowding some of them together and it makes for such a pretty pot. And yes, that big planter is the prettiest one I've seen.

    Pinning is very addictive! I mean, there really is no end to it. Such fun though.

  4. I really like these ideas! It's one of the reasons I haven't given in to Pinterest yet...I'd get nothing else done! So I'll look at your ideas and think of spring! I can hardly wait for things to turn green again! :)

  5. Such fun ideas. Love the swing idea. Such a simple thing - but I never would have thought of it. Interesting about the owls.

  6. The body of yours certainly has the look of a barred . . . it's the facial markings that say barn to me.

  7. I do believe it's the barred owl.

    I love all these ideal. I never throw away a scrap of wood because I always find a purpose.

    Just finished a pot rack for my kitchen made from what I made to hand my tack on. Pretty cool to repupose things.

  8. Mary Ann,

    I too have found Pinterest & LOVE IT. I had such a hard time finding things that I had 'run' across on the internet. I hope it stays around a long time, as I have pinned too many projects to do in just a couple of years.

  9. Yes, I think it is a barred. I have spent many nights looking a cool garden ideas like you found. I'm going to have a dead tree cut in the goat yard Monday, so maybe I can think of some creative uses for some of it.

  10. How pretty! Love those ideas!

  11. I have spent my share of time pinning! I agree that you have a barred owl. My brother left a windowing his deer blind one year, and a barn owl raised 3 babies in it. They sure left a mess"

  12. Love all the pictures -- I have tried to stay away from Pinterest as I don't want to go down that rabbit hole - haha -- Looking for ways to do container gardening as I live in an apartment

  13. The swing is just too, too cute and the log planter would be fabulous! I avoid Pinterest like the plague as I know I would sit and browse for hours and hours and hours...

  14. I love those ideas. That's how I get into trouble is by cruising the internet and finding projects I want to do.


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