Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birds, Birds, Birds Galore!

I apologize for the bad videos in last night's post... I think it is just going to be too hard to post on here, at least for videos.  I am posting some of them at Facebook, under Mary Ann Yoder... they are large there, and you can plainly see them.  Go there when you have a chance and see the new visitor we saw last night! 

Mr. Jim Mason, of the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, has identified this beautiful bird as a red-tailed hawk.  He said that they come in different color patterns.  I would never have guessed this. 

He is just a beautiful bird. 

Here is part of what I was trying to show you last night... we have bluebirds coming from far and nigh to drink on the deck!  They are gorgeous, aren't they? 

Here are bluebirds, a goldfinch, and a purple finch.  

(and a sparrow!) 

And in this, a female woodpecker getting a drink (and two sparrows!) 

And at last, the mystery bird from yesterday.. . perched behind the goldfinch on the water fortex... it's a mockingbird!
To my knowledge, I have never seen one before.  I hope to hear it mimic the other birds.  Thanks, Jill! 

Pat and Vickie from JP Welsh were here this afternoon to work up a bid for us on strengthening and fencing the corral with no-climb horse fence.  We decided that would be best to keep a pony in and critters out.  I have a pony in mind, so I'll write about that tomorrow or Thursday. 

I hope you enjoy these bird pictures! 

Think Spring, Everyone!!!


  1. Those bluebirds are just stunning. And you are such a tease! PONYPONYPONYPONY.....

  2. I hope you get to hear the mockingbird sing! I think their songs are so pretty...we have them here, and they sit way up in the very, very top of the trees and sing their hearts out for long periods of time!

  3. it blueberries are wonderful . we never have them in our yard
    Stella rose

  4. I love Bluebirds. These are great shots.

  5. What wonderful variety to your birds! Beautiful!

  6. Hey MA!!! That's a Northern Flicker that you think is a female woodpecker! http://www.wbu.com/chipperwoods/photos/nflicker.htm

    One of my favorite birds!

  7. We came to look at your fabulous photos.. Its makes us feel good to see them,,,,

  8. Your blue birds are beautiful!! Never seen so many at once!! Your hawk is lovely too - but he looks like he was eying your little song birds! I had to put my bird feeders in the tree so our hawk wouldn't come swoop down and grab one of the little birds while eating at the bird feeder. Easy meal for the hawks.

  9. Are your bluebirds around all the time? We have them but never as many and they don't come up to drink water. I'm sure they get it out of the creek though. We have a mockingbird or two year round. They stand guard over all the holly trees and dare anything else to get the berries. Your photographs are great, Mary Ann.

  10. Wow, that is so neat. I have never a seen a bluebird in person, can you believe that!

  11. Those mockingbirds are all over our area. They can make a ton of different sounds.

  12. Come on!!!!! I envy you so, can`t believe all the beautiful bluebirds you have, love them as well as all the other birdies....so so lucky, thanks for sharing though, Francine.

  13. Oh...what beautiful photography you have on your blog. And you can see the ground!!!! We have feet and feet of snow and not many birds. We do have wild turkeys roaming around, although the group gets smaller every day. It started with 15 before Thanksgiving, but last week there were only 10. I haven't seen them lately..only their trials cutting across the yard.


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