Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Mish Mash

Because I've decided to paint our interior... after 8 years, it sorely needs it... I have been paying particular attention to colors on rooms I see on the web.  One thing I have already told Keith... we are not having the television as the focal point of our lives (and yes, I am the one who watches more than he).  I try not to turn it on too often in the daytime, but I do watch at night.  I just don't like the idea of an "altar" to a tv in the living room. 

Two favorite blog names, the first I think is one of the all-time best names: 

And the other: 

Both link to the blogs.  

Another thing I've been seeing on Pinterest and Houzz.... loft beds... as in a loft over another room with a bed in it, and usually, a skylight to look out.  How do these people change the sheets, when there is no headroom and you can't stand up to change them?  Scrambling across the bed?  No, thanks. 

I rank them up there with exposed shelves in the kitchen, catching grease and grime on the things displayed, usually dishes.  Ugh. 

Keith was off today, and working on greenhouse plans.  As we stood talking in the kitchen, I swear I saw a robin hop by in the yard!  A Robin, on January 21st!  Unheard of here! 

Several people (and my wild thing friend Jill) mentioned to me that we should feed through March, not only because the natural feed will be gone by then, but the wilding's babies will be in the process of being born.  We're going to.   On the days we have no garbage (and by that I mean edible food) I have inexpensive dry dog food in a can out in the yard.  Yes, I'm a sap. 

Keith made something wonderful for lunch today: 

Here it is, in the pan cooking. 

It's a banana/egg concoction he found on a health website, and does not know which one. 

Mash a banana, add one egg and two egg whites (for the protein).... 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon honey (and a little)... and mix it all together.  Cook in a pan with a little oil.  

Oh my, it was good. 

Here is what it looked like.  It was very good, and nice to have something light and warm for lunch. 

Today I put the camera out on the deck, where we keep a water fortex and some feed.  It is so interesting to see the different kinds of birds coming to eat and drink... and there was one mystery bird.  I'm going to upload it, and also a flock of blue birds who happened to come to drink.  I changed the water 3 times, because it kept forming a rim of ice, and I had to carry warm buckets 3 times today to the henyards, because the water kept being sucked up by the starling hordes.  (or freezing) 

Here is the mystery bird: 

It's grey, with an elongated body.  Does anyone know it? 

I have another video that is really something, I hope you agree.  
I don't know why they load with a "band" in the middle... maybe it's the video itself, but on my computer it's as clear as day. 

We have been visited by our first raccoon, and it is the biggest one I've seen in a long time.  8 years and we have never seen raccoons here.  I'll show it to you tomorrow night. 

Addendum:  10:00 PM

I realize from looking at the above video that it is just not large or clear enough for you to see, but at one point there were 8 bluebirds around the water fortex, both male and female!  I have never seen so many bluebirds in one place as our deck this morning.  It was incredible! 


  1. Keith's lunch sounds exactly like the "pancakes" our daughter-in-law made us at Christmas. They were good!

    A couple of years ago we had about 8 raccoons that came up every night for dinner. They were adorable and we enjoyed watching them and feeding them much more than the possums that came. Then one day they were gone.

  2. MA: That looks like a mocking bird to me. And your recipe sounds yummy!!!

  3. It is so cold here this morning that our birds must be staying undercover. Unusual not to see a one outside the window. Seeing a robin so early in the year would be a delight. They always mean Spring to me. The snow is coming down, the ground is covered once again and It's only 6 degrees here so Spring is sounding better and better. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. That's an interesting dish, at first I didn't think I would like it. But after I read the ingredients it doesn't sound that bad.

  5. It is definitely warmer in your parts.... we are stuck in below zero weather now for a few days :( looking forward to snow or at least warmer weather. That banana/egg deal looks interesting - might have to try that.

  6. You have more birds than we do.
    they must like the country better than
    the city. :)

    I didn't know if you wanted to help out with
    the Valentine's card shower that I do each year.
    I did a post on it yesterday.

    M :)


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