Friday, January 4, 2013

And Like Magic...

Okay, I've downloaded Google Chrome and am in a brave new world.  

I'm trying the uploads one more time. 

And, like magic.... IT Worked and FAST.  
Here is the vixen taking poor little Helen the night before last. 

And this guy came along a little later, when the cupboard was bare. 

Here is Abby trying to keep Keith from going to work yesterday.  She does this as soon as he gets his shoes out.  She does not like for him to leave.  We have both been suffering off and on from fever and upset stomach... and debilitating headaches for over a week, and think we have had a touch of the flu.  We're both unusually tired, too. 

Back to our gamecam programming. 

I decided yesterday that I could use the gamecam during the day, too... and what better place than the deck. 

and from today (I'm still trying to find the best angle for the camera, so that I can pick up the color in the purple finches, the blue jays, the red-headed woodpecker, juncos, et al)  

And one last picture from last night... this was a stunner

Pretty big and healthy looking wolves, huh? (coyotes)

I'm thinking if we get goats in the spring, we'll have to put chain link around them to protect them for sure. 


  1. I wish we had one of those cams too so we can see what visits our forest.
    Those coyotes do look like wolves. We cannot have chickens or anything like goats or sheeps because of all the coyotes around.
    I hope you all get to feeling better soon.
    Lotte Abby is a very smart puggy.
    We are glad your pictures can load now.

  2. AHHH so it was Chrome. It did that to me too but it was a long time ago, like last winter. I hated Chrome at first but actually find it fairly useful now and not too bad to deal with. Glad that worked and that's over with! Great pictures! Hope you feel better soon, it's the time for those kind of bugs. The coyotes sure do look fat and healthy! NO question there.

  3. I need one of those game cams! Thanks so much for coming by, I am going to put your blog in my blogroll so I will see when you post!


    Jan @ Jan's Place

  4. Wow, love when you show the night visitors but to bad for poor Helen, ahhhh..... Big coyotes to.......enjoy the birdies at the feeder, so many different kinds......hope you feel better soon, Blessings Francine.

  5. I'm loving your camera. I think I need one too.

  6. I'm so sorry you both have been feeling poorly, hope you're soon better. And that camera is cool, giving my husband some ideas about one here. We have had a family of flying squirrels for years and they entertain us with their antics but it would be nice to see what they're up to when we're not looking.

    Abby is a smart girl, she's doing her best to keep him home. Does he ever give in and stay home?

  7. Love the game cam photos. My Dad and Brother have game cams too! Using it on your deck for bird photos is a great idea! I hope you both start feeling better soon!

  8. You may have to get one of those Anatolian Shepherds to keep the animals safe.

    I have been seeing a lone wolf, at least, I think it is a wolf. Red wolves are so similar to coyotes, I wonder...Maybe game and fish have given us a wonderful gift. They do that now and then.

  9. Are they coyotes? They're big fellas. We see one around here on our back 6 once in a while. They look big enough to be a wolf.
    I'd like to have a camera on at night sometimes, just to see what the 4 cats are up to! Come to think of it, I probably don't want to know. :)

  10. Poor Helen! That camera caught the dirty deed for sure. :(

  11. Wow! I'm amazed by the pictures that you captured. You're right...those coyotes do look very healthy. Let's hope they don't stay healthy on any more of your hens. (Poor Helen!) The pictures of the birds are really good and you're getting alot of variety. It made me realize that I can't remember the last time I saw a bluejay in the city. Isn't that weird?

  12. I hope you guys get to feeling better.
    I told hubby about your camera and that I would like to have one down at the barn just to see if it's our barn kitty that is eating the cat food every night. ;)

  13. Oh, I so hope that you are feeling better today.
    Being sick is awful!

    I'm so surprised to see what you captured on the game cam!!
    It's a bit frightening also.
    Although, seeing the little birds is fun.

    I'm thinking I need to buy us one of those game cams. Maybe I'll be surprised at what wanders through the homestead, at night.

    Take care....

  14. Great Shots!...........Google Chrome!

  15. Those coyotes certainly look healthy. I hope you get your strength and energy back soon - so you can run them off! That camera takes wonderful photos.

  16. Glad you have things working for you once again. You cam would be fun to have. I love watching the birds. Even here, we get warnings on tv about coyotes. People have had them try to snatch small dogs and cats.

  17. I found this video to be very educational as far as understanding the beast I was up against. After losing some sheep and chickens, we ran a strip of elctric at the top of the fence, and a 2ond at the bottom. The sheep and goats are either in this pen at night, or in a barn stall. We also got a livestock guardian dog, Bob. We have lost no more cats, chickens or sheep to coyotes. "In Bob we trust", lol. Hope you both are feeling better.

  18. There is the link in a more usable form, and correction for electric, I can spell, really, okay, sometimes!

  19. WOW!! That's amazing -- bet you don't go wandering out at night!!
    I commented to you before about not being able to load photos either! Still can't, and even though I already had chrome, I reinstalled it to update it. still couldn't load photos, but I found if I clicked the HTML on the left side of the tool bar instead of making/creating the post in the "compose" position - I could add photos. So I loaded all my photos first in the HTML, then switched over to compose and write the post. Wish they'd leave it alone!!
    Becareful at night!!

  20. 6 foot tall chain link with something with an apron around the bottom of it, those guys look like they could clear a short fence

    Wonder if motion detection lights would deter them....


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