Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Start

A new start to a new year, and the blessings of God on all of you in the coming months!
The henspa ladies are mighty happy these days, and last night and today, were joined by five hens from the little henhouse.  All hens are now out of there.  (and the henspa is complete with occupants)
I don't know where Fluffernut is... she screamed the entire way across the yard last night...and then promptly hid from sight in the henspa, and I have not seen her today.  Hmmmmm.  She may be the only bird to have figured out there is a very small gap in the cover at the building. 

Here are some happy hens.  They have a covered yard, and as you see, very little snow blew in.  In fact, when I went out at noon to check on everyone, several were taking dust baths in the yard.  Remember, they can go under the building as well... where there is NO snow.  They very quickly learned to use the ramp and the steps to get up and down.
I put a big flake of hay from an opened bale in each henhouse this afternoon, to keep the hens busy.  Some of the smaller ones just don't like to go out in the cold.  As you see, when I put the hay down, everyone immediately started raking through it and eating the seeds in it.  There was a lot of contented clucking going on.  There are hens in each of those nest boxes you can see, too... laying their daily egg.
The nice thing is, Keith built the bottom two rows deeply, and they love to get in the back of the boxes.  I got my hand pecked good when I tried to check under this girl. 
At 12:30 I went out to check waterers, and moved the last two hens from the little henhouse.  There are only six bantam boys there now.
I chucked each into a nesting box, and they stayed there... I interrupted their process.
These two bluebirds were amongst the birds drinking on the deck on Saturday.  I still put water out in the garden, but it freezes quickly, and I keep this dog waterer warm during the day, and the birds appreciate it. 
And speaking of the wild birds, don't forget them!
I'm going to show you something very cute to end this post with... he kind of looks like his Gampa, doesn't he?
Elmer Fudd hat, Carhartts and all!


  1. Love the bluebirds and cardinals! Pretty cute kiddo, too. :-)

  2. Your trees are decorated with color even after Christmas.

    Love the miniature Gampa!

  3. Wow, the bluebirds are so beautiful, even in winter you have them, lucky you... I bought a little crockpot and keep it plugged in outside full of water for the birds to drink all winter without freezing, they love it......Cute Elmer Fudd, Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh my gosh, that little guy is just too stinkin cute!

  5. What a grand style you keep your chickens in ... cute little guy in the fur hat too!!

  6. What a wonderful new chicken house! More like a 5 star hotel. Must me so satisfying seeing a job so well do and so appreciated. Good job!

  7. I envy you your chickens. Cute grandson!

  8. How beautiful the birds are but, the little one is just precious!


  9. You are soo good to all your chickens,, they have the best house, and the best food and the best parents- YOU and hubby

  10. Best regards and an happy new year from France !
    Enjoy 2013 !


  11. I'd say you should have some very happy hens there! The little one in the carharts is adorable! Happy New Year!

  12. OK that little guy is so cute! The hen yard looks awesome, so nice you have it covered and everyone looks, very, very, happy with their hay and straw!

  13. I love the henspa. Happy, happy chickies!

    He's adorable!!!!

  14. The little guy is adorable!! :)
    The chickens must be really happy with their dee-luxe accomodations!


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